Taylor Swift returned to social media on Monday with an incredibly cryptic clip, after she wiped all previous activity from her accounts just a few days earlier. The whole thing is very mysterious, but fans have plenty of theories about what it might mean.

Most assume that Swift is getting ready to drop a new album, which has sparked a flurry of #TS6ISCOMING tweets. (#TS6 refers to the fact that this would be the 27-year-old鈥檚 sixth album following 2006鈥檚 Taylor Swift, 2008鈥檚 Fearless, 2010鈥檚 Speak Now, 2012鈥檚 Red, and of course, 2014鈥檚 1989.)

And they certainly feel like they鈥檝e waited long enough.

Plenty are on board with the theory that Swift鈥檚 still-not-confirmed new music will strike back at the haters who trolled her with snake emojis.

And one brilliant sleuth even realized that Taylor Swift was born in the year of the snake.

Still, some people wonder if she鈥檚 just been hacked.

And others can鈥檛 help but notice the timing of her possible announcement.

But at the end of the day, fans are just happy she鈥檚 back (?) in one way or another鈥

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(Photo via Mark Davis/Getty)