Tattoos rank high on the list of things to love, whether you’re a temp tat or real deal kind of gal (like Zoe Kravitz!). When you combine the concept of tats with another one of our favorites — wearables — the results are completely mind-blowing. Tech company Chaotic Moon has temporary tattoos in the works that are similar to wearables and can monitor all sorts of bodily functions.

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 8.45.47 PM

Dubbed “Tech Tats,” these removable ink creations can detect everything from stress to body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate. The only real difference between these and a traditional wearable is that the interface is the user’s skin instead of a device.


From there, a circuit board receives data into an app via the electro-conductive paint, giving health readings as accurate as anything else out on the market. No word on when they’ll be available yet, but given that they’re temporary, they should be pretty affordable.

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(Images via Chaotic Moon)