If you want to scare your grandma at Thanksgiving dinner or change up your look in the new year, Tattly Parlor might be your new favorite place. The pop-up store in Brooklyn was created by the online store Tattly, and is perfect for people who like the idea of tattoos but aren’t quite ready to commit — or have serious needle phobia. It just opened this month, but we’re guessing the books are already filling up, because the shop looks pretty amazing and features tons of creative designs.

Tattly 1

Tattly Parlor looks like the real thing and is decorated with vintage-inspired finds including a turquoise velvet love seat, barber chairs and a sputnik chandelier. The walls are covered in custom wallpaper featuring sketches by tattoo artist Tea Leigh. For the opening of Tattly’s store, Leigh created even more designs that are available online too, which means there’s no shortage of looks to choose from.

Tattly 2

The pricing is reasonable, so you can visit the shop as often as you get your brows waxed. One adult sleeve with eight tattoos is $30 for adults, and two sleeves is $50. For kids, five tattoos cost $15 and 10 cost $25. The parlor also has group sessions, so forget birthday brunch — it’s time to get some temp tattoos together instead.

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(Photos via Tattly Parlor)