What would we do without textiles? They clothe us, they keep us warm, but have you ever thought of them as amazing art pieces? Weaving has been long associated with traditional craftsmanship, but these 20 woven wonders have elevated this incredible skill to nothing less than fine art.

1. Black Rya on Orange ($800): This amazing layered wall hanging is woven straight on to a copper rod, which gives a nice hard contrast to the bulging yarn and dangling fringe. We love the dimension the black and white tufts give this piece.

2. Woven Wall Art ($90): Painted strips of canvas are woven one over the other to create this simple wall art. Subtle gray allows for the frayed, natural texture to be seen.

3. Wild Thing Glow in the Dark Tapestry ($79): More is more with this topsy-turvy tapestry. The wacky wilderness stays vibrant day and night. That’s right: it glows in the dark!

4. Fiber Art Wall Hanging ($200): Free-falling strips of woven fiber give an interesting deconstructed feel to this emerald hued piece. We love that other natural elements like driftwood and sea stones are incorporated into this design.

5. Textured Inlay Hand Woven Wall Hanging ($60): One strawberry stripe adds a pretty pop of color to this dainty wall hanging. Broken lines of mustard yellow give this piece a sense of movement.

6. Wool with Silk Pom Pom ($60): We can’t help but think of a slingshot when we see this inverted branch and dangling black pom pom. This woven artwork would also make a quirky mobile over a cradle or end table.

7. Moon Stories ($238): Keep track of celestial cycles with this linen wall hanging. This piece is hand dyed and woven using traditional Japanese techniques that have a reputation for durability.

8. Weaving Mountains ($125): We love the festive feel of this poofy tapestry. Short chevron fringe and shifting triangles add both cheery color and dimension to this black and gray ombre design.

9. Black Diamond (roughly $2,833): Vintage metallic threads mix with gold and silver wire to create the shimmery body of this wall hanging. Long black fringe is expertly woven into a dramatic geometric pattern.

10. Blue Puffer Weaving ($450): We’re picking up some southwestern vibes from this earth-toned wall hanging. The aged rod reminds us of arrowheads while the stepped blue yarn looks like the outline of adobe homes against a chartreuse sunset.

11. New Courthouse 01 ($365): This ain’t your mama’s quilt. Stacked squares create a stunning palette that we must admit is one of our favorites. (We used just about the same one to make one of our color block clocks!)

12. Zig Zag (roughly $712): Disheveled zig zagging fringe gives this piece its angular name. Inspired by lightning, this striking piece is similarly remarkable.

13. Reflect ($50): The blend of patterns and textures make this tapestry super playful. Just like a desert sunset, these vibrant colors are both soothing and awe-inspiring.

14. Kelton 02 ($365): Coral, burgundy, and blush color blocks look incredibly elegant over the tan and gray quilt. Black and white barber pole piping make this ultra modern.

15. Blue Navajo (roughly $628): Can you believe how incredibly luxe this wall hanging looks? Gorgeous gold shines through each strand of yarn that gracefully falls past the stepped hem of the pitch-black triangle.

16. Color Bar 01 ($365): This to-die-for ombre quilt is made of 100% natural cotton. Hanging this on a bare wall is a stylish way to color block your home!

17. Glitch Jacquard Woven Wall Hanging ($350): Technology and craft join forces to make these amazingly innovative wall hangings. (It’s a match made in Brit + Co heaven!) Each pattern is produced using unconventional digital techniques like modified cameras and data visualization. How cool is that?

18. Optical Unframed ($150): It took six hours for work to weave this graphic grayscale pattern. We love that this seemingly conservative piece almost has a trippy magic eye effect.

19. Orange Violet (email for pricing): There’s really only one word to describe this textile: bold. Bright violet and tangerine are great bookends to the single asymmetrical stripe of dark violet.

20. Purple Woven Cotton ($95): The pattern on this almost four-foot long wall hanging looks like the windows in a row of city high-rises. The center strip of neon purple gives nice balance to the whole piece.

Would you hang this wooly art in your home or office? Would you ever take up weaving as a hobby? Talk to us in the comments.