We love that color blocking is not limited to just the runway. In home decor land, it’s one of the easiest ways to add modern flair to your living space. Make a neutral room pop with a splash of geometric color or start a collection to rival that of Rainbow Brite one room at a time with these 30 ways to color block your pad.

1. Cocktail Napkins ($6): We’d let these colorful napkins grace the laps of our honored dinner guests, and you should too! Whip them out for your next potluck or backyard picnic.

2. Lulu Knob ($8): Make these topsy-turvy geometric knobs the gems of your dresser drawers. A modern and totally simple upgrade for any distressed cabinet or a clever way to hang your jewelry.

3. Bath Towels ($14): Grab your rubber ducky – bath time is anytime with these bold color block bath towels. Tote one along to the beach and be the envy of every tanner.

4. Accessories Cabinet ($64): You don’t have to store your tools in this industrial-style cabinet (although how cool would that be?)/ It’s a great way to corral your odds and ends that’s a perfect companion for a minimal desk or countertop in any loft space.

5. Basket Chair ($298): Sunroom, meet your new best friend. While we can’t vouch for comfort it certainly is a unique take on color block seating.

6. Changing Pad ($22): Add a modern touch to your nursery with this customizable changing pad. It’s never too early to introduce your little nugget to the major do’s of style.

7. Complex Shapes Rug ($89): This area rug mixes retro colors with ultra hip design. Get some color inspiration for your next pedicure while your toes get cozy!

8. Hanging City Planter ($275): Green up your apartment with this hardy city planter. Made of heavy duty steel, incorporate this floating panel on the walls near your entryway or porch.

9. Pot Holder ($18): Three triangles make up the shape of this potholder – it’s a house! Just use your imagination guys. Hook it by its leather strap to your butcher block or use it as a resting place for straight-out-the-oven delights.

10. Decorative Pillow ($55): Technicolor dreams await whoever rests on this vibrant pillow. Made of natural linen, it’s a nice accent to any neutral toned sofa or armchair.

11. Botao Sectional Pieces ($499-$799): Amazig! Mix and match these tropical-colored sectional pieces to create a completely custom place to chill. It doesn’t get much better when flexibility, comfort and style collide!

12. Aqua Side Table ($80): We love this two-toned cocktail table – its ash woodgrain happily sandwiched in between bright baby blue. The table top’s rim is curved up slightly to facilitate and impromptu games of Yahtzee.

13. Square Platter ($17): If you eat with your eyes, then this handmade porcelain serving tray is sure to get your guests mouths watering. A great way to present barbecue standards like burgers and brats.

14. Dupla Credenza ($499): If we counted on our fingers all the ways we loved this cool credenza, we’d need everyone in the office to volunteer their hands. The iron tubing frames each plane of this classy cabinet accented with oak wood panels.

15. Rhombins Organizers ($40): Besides having an extremely clever name, these geometric organizers can smartly shift their shapes, switching from shoulder-to-shoulder to stacked on a whim. They’re also eco-friendly, made of a plant based bio-plastic.

16. Wall Garland ($26): Lackluster walls be gone! The felt balls on this playful garland are totally adjustable and a great everyday decoration or amazing backdrop for your next party’s photo booth.

17. Asymmetrical Hex Runner ($325): Adorn your dining table with this charming wool runner. The best part is that this gorgeously crafted piece isn’t just for show – it’s heat and moisture-resistant, so keep it front and center while you entertain.

18. Mini Floor Pouf ($149): A floor pouf is such a simple yet impactful piece. Use it as an ottoman, extra seating or a makeshift workspace to set your latest DIY creations.

19. Dining Chairs ($299 set of two): These country-style dining chairs are beautiful in their simplicity. Each seat is hand-woven with durable leather and are painted so that maple details peek out from its white painted coat.

20. Dipped Sauce Jars ($6): These stout sauce jars are perfect for presenting salad dressings, infused oils or soy sauce. Corks keep contents fresh – just remove them before you place the dipped stoneware in the dishwasher for a thorough cleaning.

21. Wooden Rolling Pins ($19): The number of homemade pies and pizzas here at Brit HQ will skyrocket once these time-tested kitchen tools are in our hands. Which color is your favorite?

22. Duvet Set ($40 for Queen): Color block your bedtime with this cheery duvet cover. The ombre fade adds a tranquil feel to this cozy sheath that includes two sun yellow pillowcases.

23. Kaleido Trays ($16-$78): If stacking legos is your thing, then these awesome metal trays are right up your alley. Each tray can stand alone or nest next to one another, creating a geometric labyrinth for trinkets and loose change.

24. Brick Cushions ($98): We love the monochrome palette of these patchwork cushions. Punch up the color of your couch or toss them on the floor for a stylish seating alternative.

25. Arbour Cake Stand ($150): Some things work better in pairs, and much like two otters holding hands, this cupcake stand is at its best with a pastry partner in crime. Its painted polished trunks are a lovely contrast to the natural grain serving surface.

26. My Teapot ($64): Tea comes in many colors (green, white even red) so why shouldn’t the teapot? Don’t make us choose between the bold yellow and orange or simple white and seafoam.

27. Perrette Containers ($110): These carved wooden pails are a cute way to store your farmers market finds. The unfinished look of the lime wood gives these containers rustic charm and makes the color blocked handle all that more inviting.

28. Krenit Bowls ($16-129): Never judge a bowl by its cover. Slurp up your soup to reveal a lively pop of colored enamel on the interior of these steel bowls.

29. Bucket Chair ($360): These sleek chairs would look perfectly at home in any modern space. One in each color would look unbelievably cool around a banquet or conference table.

30. “Happiness” Wall Decal ($45): Your home should be your happy place, so why not declare it for all to see? This sticky vinyl decal is cheery, bright and just right.

Do you have color block accents in your home? What are they? Let us know in the comments below!