Ready for a bit of friendly holiday competition? We are! :) To kick off the holiday season, we’re partnering with Google Home Hub to bring you Brit + Co’s 12-Day Holiday Photo Challenge. Whether you’re spending the holidays with your loved ones IRL or are celebrating from afar this year, this challenge will inspire you to share festive moments on the daily.

As you no doubt have your hands full of holiday to-dos, look to Google Home Hub to share the Challenge’s photos automatically. Thanks to shared albums on Google Photos, you can enjoy a constantly updating stream of the greatest photos taken by you and your favorite people. You and the participating fam can batch all the challenge’s photos into a shared Google Photos album that will stay up to date on Google Home Hub.

Sharing these albums is super easy. Simply create the shared album in Google Photos on your smartphone, select the photos you’d like to add, then invite your family members to the album. You can then set up each family member’s Google Home Hub to sync and display this album. That means when you add the day’s challenge entry, the photo will automatically be displayed on each synced Google Home Hub. Neat, huh? Psst:Learn how to create an album on Google Photos via these simple instructions.

Ready for the challenge? Read on!

Day 1 — Best Ugly Sweater Duo: Team up with a sibling, an S.O. or a best friend to tag-team Day 1’s challenge: ugly sweaters! Points go to those with the best (or ugliest?) sweaters, and best photo overall.

Day 2 — Your pet getting into the festive spirit: Throw on that pet-sized Santa hat and get snappin’! After you get the perfect shot, don’t forget to add to your Google Photos Shared Album, so your fam can automatically see the pic on their Google Home Hub. These festive photos of your pets are sure to be hilarious and put smiles on your family’s faces.

Day 3 — Beautifully-wrapped gifts: ‘Round these parts, gift wrapping is a veritable art form. So why not show off your incredible work? Impress your fam — and the ultimate gift recipient — with incredibly-wrapped presents.

Day 4 — The coziest photo ever: Who’s the coziest of them all? Grab your beanies, slippers and fluffiest blankets for Day 4’s to-do. Whether you’re in Hawaii or Michigan, cozy moments are a must during the holiday season.

Day 5 — Your favorite ornament: Snap a photo of your most-treasured tree ornament, and share it with the fam. The story behind this pretzel? Yours truly bravely spent the summer solo in NYC, even though she’s never lived more than 30 miles away from her family. She picked up this felted pretzel ornament as an annual reminder of her courage for doing so :)

Day 6 — Best holiday jammies. Seriously though, what’s better than good ol’ matching pajamas? Grab that S.O., sib or bestie, don some silly and cozy PJs, and get snappin’!

Day 7 — Time-honored holiday decor. Give a shout-out to your family’s go-to traditions by each making your own versions. For us, that’s these simple and classic paper people chains.

Day 8 — A yummy holiday drink. Looking for an excuse to have that peppermint mocha you’ve been salivating for? Day 8 is your day! Take a photo of the most scrumptious-looking cozy holiday drink you can find — or create — and make your family members jealous along the way ;)

Day 9 — Homemade paper snowflakes. Get everyone into the creative spirit with a simple and classic holiday craft. We promise this one is pretty hard to mess up! We’ll spare you the waxing about how every snowflake is unique, but we will say that the same goes for its paper lookalikes. Share your favorite snowflake with the fam and wait for them to ooh and ahhh.

Day 10 — The most original holiday decoration. Time to think outside the box! Challenge your fam to either make or discover the most original holiday decoration out there. Grab a selfie with the decor and be on your merry way.

Day 11 — The silliest holiday portrait ever: This one is a free-for-all! How silly can you get? Dream up a ridiculous holiday portrait, then get a friend to grab a pic of you in-situ. Need an idea? Take a cue from our friend Irene here and fill your tub with holiday gifts, then sit back and relax.

Day 12 — Cookie bake-off! Last but not least, challenge your fam to a cookie bake-off! Go to town decorating these edible treasures, then share photos of your brilliant work with one another. Bonus points, as always, for the most original photo :)

There you have it — 12 days of fun, silly and sentimental holiday photos! Thanks to this challenge, you’ve got an excuse to celebrate the holidays with family all season long. And thanks to Google Home Hub, you’ve got a genius way to automatically share the treasured pics.

Ready to try this challenge yourself? Save this nifty guide below and share it with your loved ones! Happy Holidays, friends.

Do you have any ideas to add to this holiday photo challenge? We want to hear them! Share with us on Twitter by tagging @BritandCo.

Author: Maddie Bachelder

Production + Styling: Maddie Bachelder + Alexa Land

Photography: Brittany Griffin

Sequences simulated and shortened. Google Photos account required.