*Warning: This post contains spoilers from the most recent episode of The Bachelor, so if you haven’t seen it, don’t read ahead.*

Last week ended on a cliffhanger, with a knock at Nick Viall’s door like a ghost from Christmas past. Turns out, it was. The last time Nick was with ex-paramour Andi Dorfman in a hotel room, it was to break up, so this promises DRAMA. While Andi is currently single IRL, I personally doubt she’s there to ask Nick for another chance. Let’s also keep in mind that our bachelor hasn’t yet sent someone home from last week’s dates as we jump into this episode (which has also been shortened to an hour, just FYI)…

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 10: Andi Dorfman attends the Nicole Miller collection Front Row during, New York Fashion Week: The Shows at Gallery 2, Skylight Clarkson Sq on February 10, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images For New York Fashion Week: The Shows)


Upon entering the hotel room, Andi sat down and immediately asked for a drink (she’s apparently a whiskey girl). The other women began simultaneously arriving in the courtyard outside for the rose ceremony, which was incredibly awkward (but that’s editing for you). Nick and Andi still seemed to have a bit of their usual witty rapport going on, but that also could have been nerves and alcohol rather than a romantic spark. Then, however, we see him tell her he’s really happy with his final four, and that he thinks it’s seriously going to work. She asked if he’s going to sleep with any of them, and he replies that he doesn’t know. She tells him that if there’s an opportunity for it and he honestly thinks that person may be the one, he should go for it.

It was an interesting assessment to be sure, considering the fact that he more or less slut-shamed Andi on live TV for having sex with him when she didn’t end up picking him. They ended up talking it out, and it felt like they finally got closure in that moment. Nick said that he was “very grateful that [Andi] wants [me] to find love,” which was sweet.

Meanwhile, the women were still waiting outside in the cold, and Nick finally emerged from his suite to hand out the roses (but not before they each got some screen time to talk about their hometown dates and how much they love Nick). Raven got the first rose, followed by Rachel. Then, Chris Harrison came out of the bushes to announce the obvious (there’s one more rose, everyone!), and Vanessa was the lucky recipient.

The ultimate shock came, however, as Corrine, everyone’ s favorite Bachelor villain, did NOT hear her name called, with the internet letting out a collective scream as her tearful goodbye unfolded. Nick assured her that she hadn’t done anything wrong, and that he had “so much love for her” before she left, but it did little to ease the sting, as she proclaimed in the car that she would “never kiss up to a man ever again in her life.” TBH, I feel pretty bad for her. She seems like someone who has never been told “no” before, and this will be a pretty rough wake-up call. She went on to say that she was “done trying to impress men” and that she was “going to be her” from now on, so we’ll see if it’s a brand new Corinne we see at the Women Tell All show.


The next morning, Nick and the remaining contestants jetted off to Finland (nice!), where he shared that “all of his memories in this world” ended in heartbreak (odd?), and that he was hoping for a new ending (duh!). Finland looks… cold, but I guess that provides a lot of cuddling opportunities, which is great for what we’re ultimately trying to accomplish here. The first date was with Raven, and they started by taking a helicopter ride over some snow-capped trees, which actually looked really beautiful.

They then went to a cozy little pub and played darts (Raven won, by the way). Nick said being with her made him feel excited and “crazy” but in a “great fun way,” like “salty and sweet” (???). They sat down by the fire and talked about their recent visit to her hometown. Nick said that he could tell she was really close with her father, which he could relate to, as he’s close with his mom. They also discussed the more mundane things in life, like doing laundry, cooking, and folding clothes — Nick mentioned he’s fantastic at ironing (which somehow I would’ve guessed? Don’t ask me how).

Soon, they began skirting around the issue of the fantasy suite (Freudian slip — I almost just typed “fanasty suite,” so there’s that) and he asked her if and why she’s nervous. Cut to the confessional, where she revealed that she’s really only had sex with one person, and also that she’s also never had an orgasm before (!). She mentioned that she thought it might’ve been because she didn’t really trust her last partner, and that things might be different next time around. (Side note: It’s kind of awesome that they’re talking about this on The Bachelor, considering the show has typically been pretty judgmental about sex in past seasons).

The two later met up again at a cabin-like setting, presumably after freshening up, and sat down to dinner. Nick was wearing what could only be described as a severe turtleneck with Raven decked out in the opposite — an off-the-shoulder look. She decided to get deep, and told Nick that while she thought she had been in love in her last relationship, she’d never said it, even after two years. She then told Nick that the way she feels about him, she never felt about her ex. She eventually said it was easy to love him, and that she wished she’d told him sooner. Though he didn’t say it back, they kissed, with Nick assuring her that it was incredibly meaningful and sweet.

After Nick read the fantasy card, she gently reminded him that she’s only been with one person and dropped her orgasm bombshell on him (which we already knew, but he didn’t). He seemed rather speechless, and was also blushing, but they still decided to spend the night together anyways — who knows what that night would entail, however. Raven said that she thought the night would “seal the deal on the relationship,” (an interesting choice of words), and with that, it was all over.


Get ready, Bachelor fans, ’cause we’re heading into the next week (a three-hour “Bachelor Event,” oh my!) with not-so-subtle reminders that Rachel is the only one who hasn’t said she loves him yet. A preview suggests that Nick is less traditional than Vanessa, and that Kristina may still be broken-hearted. We’ll see! There’s also a Women Tell All episode to look forward to, so look out for that.

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