By now, we know that an Army Reservist from Washington DC is the new Miss USA, but her win isn’t the only thing that’s got everyone talking today.

There’s always some sort of controversy around the final round of questions, and during last night’s broadcast, celebrity Judge and Harper’s Bazaar Executive Editor Laura Brown asked a question that has everyone in an uproar almost 24 hours later. While we usually are gabbing about gaffes that the contestants make, or performances like last night’s Backstreet Boys showstopper, this drama looks like it’s only going to get way worse before it gets any better.

2016 Miss USA Competition - Show

What was the question Laura Brown asked of Miss Hawaii, Chelsea Hardin? Well, Brown asked who Hardin would vote for between Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. Your choice in the ballot box is a protected one, which is why everyone’s so up in arms. Brown was one of the first to chime in on the question on Twitter.

So, Laura Brown didn’t think to ask why the producers thought this would be a good idea to bring up during Miss USA? We know in the past that Donald Trump owned the organization — could it be that the show’s producers were helping him out? Regardless of the reasons, people are super P.O.’d about the question.

It even looks like the question has caused at least one family rift.

Luckily, Miss Hawaii was poised and many people noticed how good she was at answering.

And a whole bunch of folks are saying that maybe Miss Hawaii was robbed, since she gave such a perfect answer to an otherwise inappropriate question.

At least Miss Hawaii has a huge celeb superfan in Gigi Hadid!

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