Hearts are all a-flutter around Brit HQ. Valentine’s Day is in the air, the red carpet is primed and ready for a whole season of award shows, and the 49ers are killing it! What’s not to love? To kick off a Friday filled with delight, here is a collection of the strange, the beautiful, and the downright giggle-worthy.

1. Emoji IRL. LOL.: How amazing is this? It’s maybe the best photo series we’ve seen in a while. It’s emojis… in real life. How many times have I wanted to dress up as that red-gowned dancer? MANY TIMES.

2. Button Magnets ($7): We realize it’s pretty geeky to get excited about magnets, but these buttons would add a nice touch of whimsy to any maker’s fridge.

3. Home Print ($20): We love the sentiment and style of this poster by artist Tad Carpenter.

4. Vodka Shooter Set ($35): Whether you use these for vodka or not, you’ll be one classy barkeep when you serve up your next round of lemon drops in these stoneware shooters.

5. Eyeglass Pillowcase Set ($32): Nerd alert! A great wedding present for hipster newlyweds, these pillowcases would go swimmingly with our wayfarers mirror.

6. Pastel Painted Wooden Vases ($45): These are just plain pretty. That’s all there is to it.

7. Just in Queso Sweatshirt ($78): Have you guys heard about the #cheesepocalypse? Apparently, Velveeta is flying off the racks and causing the first ever Velveeta shortage! Luckily, we’ve got a backup supply so we can make queso all the live long day.

8. Printable Paper Donut: This sweet little gift box would make for a very adorable Valentine.

9. Inflatable Snowshoes: Love snowy adventures but don’t love lugging around a heavy pair of snowshoes? Behold, the inflatable snowshoe! They work with any pair of winter boots or hiking shoes, and collapse down into easy-to-carry bags when not in use. Now, if only it would snow in Tahoe this weekend…

10. LEGO Albums: Finally, iconic albums in LEGO form. We’re guessing this is just a super genius Photoshop filter, but love the idea of creating a similar series in real life.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve seen online this week? Share a link with us in the comments below.