This week saw lots of awesome updates in our shop, the 4th round of Brit Kits, and filled our kitchen (and our bellies!) with cauliflower in every way shape and form. But now it’s Friday and it’s time to get just a little bit silly as we head into the weekend. We hope you enjoy this week’s edition of the BritList.

1. Jenga Side Table: This table works as a table and as a cupboard, and operates like Jenga. Pull shelves out if you want to set a drink down, or push in to store books and what not. So cool.

2. Beertone: You know we love Pantone (in fact a couple of us happened upon a Pantone-themed bar in SF just last week!) so we were tickled to see Beertone, a beer color reference guide. Definitely a great gift for the beer-lovers in your life.

3. Britain’s Most Memorable 2012 Moments in Lego: From Gangnam Style to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, this captures the 10 most memorable moments of 2012 according to 18 year old Brit, Harry Bossert.

4. A Wearable LED Television: This incredible vest, created by David Forbes, contains 14,400 green, red, and blue LEDs that together make 4,667 pixels, also known as a 160 by 120 pixel TV. Incredible.

5. Mid-Century Modern Litter Box: Got a spare $599 to spend on your cat? And a weakness for mid-century modern design?

6. A Whale of an iPhone Case: You can call this case Ishmael.

7. Travel Restband: That’s right. As if the SkyRest Travel Pillow wasn’t enough, now there’s the Relax ALLY Travel Restband. You essentially strap your head to your seat so that your head doesn’t fall forward and wake you up. It’s kind of awesome but mostly ridiculous.

8. Chemistry-Inspired Tea Set: So this is beautiful and we love the old school chemistry-looking stuff, but what about that kettle?

9. Survival Seed Vault: This 2-pound vault contains enough seeds to plant a full acre garden filled with peppers, beans, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, cabbage, beets, broccoli, squash, spinach, and more. Worth buying whether you think the apocalypse is on its way or not. Also a great gift for new homeowners.

10. Galactic Cupcake: And finally, the infinity cupcake gif. Happy Friday!

Stumbled across any awesomeness online we should know about? Share links with us in the comments below!