Recovered from your holiday shopping and gifting hangover yet? Ready to start stocking up on new accessories, kits, and books? Us too!! Lucky for you (and possibly your Valentine), we’ve got a whole bunch of newly made goodness in the Brit + Co. shop.

New this week are:

First, our Reverse Tie Dye Scarves.

These lovely pieces were created in conjunction with our DIY tutorial on how to use bleach to create totally unusual and beautiful prints on jersey-knit fabric. The pattern on the blue one ($14.99) was created with painter’s tape. The gorgeous galactic print on the black scarf ($14.99) was created by simply spraying a bit of bleach from varying distances. And lastly, the purple scarf ($14.99) was created using traditional tie dye methods, but in reverse.

Second, our Ruffle Collar Necklaces.

A new take on the collar trend, we created these ruffly pieces as part of upgrading our accessories in 2013. The gingham ($14.99) is a great combo of edgy and preppy, and could easily be added to with pins, studs, and more. The purple ($14.99) features an extra length of chain running across the ruffle, giving it a more formal look. And the black pinstripe ($14.99) is definitely a nod to our love of bow ties.

Next up, Tassel Accessories.

Created after we happened upon a few scraps of inexpensive microsuede, these tassels are definitely on-trend. The statement necklace ($19.99) is a piece that would make any basic outfit pop. The pendant ($19.99) is definitely on the more playful side, and the earrings ($19.99) have a more romantic vibe.

Last in our round of new goodies, Dreamcatcher Earring Caddies ($14.99). We were definitely inspired by traditional Native American dreamcatchers for this project, and co-opted them to make our own earring caddies. This is for a pair of caddies, which also happen to make great wall art. Earrings not included ;)

As always, we’ve also got awesome crafting and cooking books brought to you by the folks at Chronicle, including a guide on creating Pinhole Cameras, Pretty Paper Parties, Cake Pops, and the best cocktails and bites for Porch Parties.

And don’t forget about Brit Kits! Whether you’re subscribing for yourself or for a friend, our DIY kit subscription is a great way to make sure you keep making new and creative things month after month.

What other items would you like to see in the Brit + Co. shop? Crafting supplies? More readymade products inspired by our DIY projects? New kits? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below, or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.