We said goodbye to the month of October this week with a huge win for the Giants, a final treats and costume push for Halloween, and a whole lot of devastation on the east coast as a result of Hurricane Sandy. We’re gearing up for the holiday season here at Brit + Co, starting off with Thanksgiving and Oreos, of course. But let’s get to business, the business of the BritList. Here are 12 pieces of silliness and miscellany that we’re jamming on this week.

1. Woodsnap: Looking for a new take on the large-scale wedding photo? Forget classic canvas or cold aluminum – now it’s all about wood. Woodsnap lets you print photos directly onto a wood canvas with just a hint of wood grain showing through. And it only takes about a week to arrive at your doorstep!

2. iPhone Mirror Back: The aluminum back on the new iPhone makes it way difficult to pretend your iPhone is a mirror, right? This backplate is the perfect thing for picking spinach out of our teeth :)

3. Pointing Finger Bookmark: What good is a bookmark if you don’t remember exactly where you left off? While the act of rereading a few lines isn’t actually that tiresome, we love the playful charm on this whimsical (and helpful!) bookmark.

4. Hand Drawn Pop Culture Costumes: Halloween might be over, but our Twitter and Facebook feeds are still flooded with mischievous photos. If you didn’t don a costume this year, use this illustrated infographic for next year! Some of the costumes might be dated, but Lady Gaga and Wolverine will never get old.

5. The First Solar-Powered Nation: Tokelau, a tiny collection of atolls in the South Pacific is now able to support itself entirely using solar energy. Incredible.

6. Balance of Power Infographic: This infographic is an interactive visualization analyzing the results of presidential and congressional elections from 1856 to today. For a little more on how it works, head to Fast Co.Design.

7. Pumpkin Tetris (aka Pumpktris): We thought turning a watermelon into a keg was cool. This Halloween-loving overachiever turned a pumpkin into a working Tetris game, controlled by the pumpkin stem. Wow. Wow. Wow.

8. DJZ Text: What happens when DJs take over your emoji? DJZ TXT of course. Developed by the Turntable folks, this app lets you create electronic dance music with your emoji. The texts are sent over Facebook or Twitter rather than regular texting, and the beats are actually pretty awesome.

9. More Unusual Bookmarks: That pointer finger got us searching and we are pretty much in love with what we found. The Wicked Witch, Classic Loubutins, glittery gold heels, and Santa!

10. Pantone x Behance: Pantone has teamed up with Behance to create Pantone Canvas, a olor-sorted way of browsing artwork on the Behance network. Choose any color, vary it as much as you want, and revel in all the tangerine goodness.

11. SkyRest Travel Pillow: First we were just going to write about the awesomeness (read: preposterousness) of the SkyRest Travel Pillow and point out that it’s currently available on Groupon for just $19 dollaroos! But then we happened upon an entire Flickr set portraying one reviewer’s thorough test of this very pillow. Well done Mike Barish, well done.

12. Tom Hanks Doing Slam Poetry About Full House: What more do you need to know?

What gems have you uncovered this week online? Share links with us in the comments below.