Good morning! Whether you’re still at the office, on a train home, waiting to board a flight, or catching up on the Gossip Girl finale, Christmas is officially here and a weekend filled with holiday cheer is upon us. But before you delve into a heated 3-day Monopoly game with your fam, go ahead and enjoy a bit of fun by way of the Britlist.

1. Flask Tie: That’s right. A flask… in a tie. Genius, especially at a beer and wine only holiday party. Loving their tagline, “Don’t be the guy with the cup of water.” Ridic.

2. Lifts & Bounds Posters: Time to upgrade your living room decor from that ripped map of Tahoe to a classy collection of ski mountain posters. We’re particularly digging Whistler Blackcomb, Squaw Valley, Beaver Creek, and Mammoth Mountain.

3. Chronicle Books: We’re so pumped to have Chronicle books in the Brit + Co. shop. You may have just missed holiday shipping, but you can still stock up for the new year. (Sadly, not all titles, such as BEARD, made it.)

4. Pantone Xmas Balls: Love love love. That’s all.

5. DSLR Wheel of Holga Filters: Is your DSLR getting jealous of all the lo-fi Holga snaps and Instagram-filtered photos out there?

6. Mr. Tea Bag: We’ll just leave this here.

7. Transparent Speaker: This gorgeous piece blends into any environment and happens to be sustainable too. Awesome.

8. Napsack: Cooler than the snuggie, keeps you warm, and somehow fits perfectly into an Unhappy Hipsters scene.

9. Pillow Remote Control: Wait, what? With a built in universal remote, this makes even your remote a couch potato.

10. 26-Pound Gummy Party Python: Who knew the words gummy, party, and python could be together at last?

What good stuff have you come across this week? Share finds with us in the comments below.