We have been busy little bees here at Brit + Co. From outfitting our iPhone 5 to making our own batch of cinnamon water, this week (like many weeks before it!) was all about new discoveries. Of course, sometimes we discover things that don’t quite fit in a themed roundup, and don’t quite warrant a solo show. For those things and other pieces of silliness, we have the BritList. Enjoy!

1. Skate Home: What happens when an architect moonlights as a skater and marries an interior designer? Skate Home! For more creative uses of skateboards, check out our recycled skateboard roundup.

2. Campfire Cologne: You know you’ve had a good weekend of roughing it when you come back to the city smelling of campfire. But what about when you want that smell at home? Campfire Cologne!

3. Jellyfish Aquarium: Looking for some fishy friends to keep you company on your desk? This aquarium (found on Fab, of course) includes three large moon jellyfish, two hermit crabs, and two cleaner snails!

4. Cake Divider: This genius gadget makes it ridiculously easy to divide cake evenly, for 6, 8, 10, or 14 equal pieces.

5. Halloween Dresses: If you’re all about celebrating Halloween all October long, you’re gonna need to stock up on some dresses. Available in Jack-O-Lantern, Candy Corn, and Panda.

6. Flameless Marshmallow Roaster: Need your s’mores fix indoors? And s’mores-inspired treats just won’t cut it? You can thank Hammacher Schlemmer for this little darlin’. Definitely on our wish list at Brit HQ.

7. Hand Painted Galaxy Jacket: Nerd about solar systems and art? Each of these jackets is made to order and really quite beautiful.

8. LED Digital Watch Cuff: Basically the opposite of the Faceless Watch, this flashy number doubles as a stylish cuff.

9. Serrated Ice Cream Scoop: Hate the task of waiting for your ice cream to partially melt before being able to scoop it? Why the serrated ice cream scoop didn’t surface earlier, we don’t know.

10. Love My Bouquet: Having trouble visualizing the perfect bouquet for your big day? Ummm, yeah so this is an actual Kickstarter. It is silly.

And that’s a wrap! Happy Friday!