Whether you’re bumming about the new maps or swooning over the extra row of apps, everyone’s got something to say about the brand new shiny iPhone. We’ve served up a Bluetooth-powered solution for using your old speaker and alarm docks, but what about some new threads for this new iPhone of yours?

Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the first batch of iPhone 5 cases and accessories. And yes, a Gameboy case is already on the market. :)

1. Quirky Pegit ($40): Part of Quirky and Fab’s iPhone 5 product line, the Pegit is a sleek case that adds just a bit of color to your new phone, and protects that aluminum back from lots of scratches.

2. Organic Wool Sleeve ($30): You knew the sewing machines at Etsy shop Old Calgary were stitching up a storm the minute the iPhone 5’s official dimensions were released.

3. Society6 iPhone Cases ($35): Get ready to have your mind blown. Society6 is always churning out gorgeous designs by artists and designers, but this iPhone 5 collection is insane. There are 100 pages of cases! What!?

4. Bear Motion Folio Cases ($10): These sleek cases are great for protecting your screen without taking away from the minimal aesthetic of the iPhone.

5. OVRMLD Molded Case ($35): Incipio’s iPhone 5 collection mirrors its previous cases with a rigid Plextonium shell with impact resistant core and maximum shock absorption. It doesn’t stretch out no matter how many times you take your phone out and ships as soon as today.

6. DODO iPhone Wallet ($50): We love pretty much everything DODOcase creates, and the Durables iPhone wallet is no exception. Handcrafted in San Francisco, this case is a gorgeous take on the smartphone wallet.

7. Apple Cases ($26): Offering tons of iconic images and fun graphics, Apple Cases are a good place to turn for more kitschy images.

8. Core Dock ($40): We’re a little bit on the fence with this one. The design is cool, but it’s really just a glorified charging station. Your cable blends seamlessly into the design and it works with multiple USB ports, but we’re not sure it’s crucial to the iPhone 5 experience.

9. JackBacks Bamboo Skins ($25): Yep, JackBacks already has an iPhone 5 line on the market! You know we love it.

10. Survivor ($50): Griffin’s Extreme-Duty case is the most protective case we’ve seen. It protects your iPhone from dirt, sand, rain, shock, and so much more. Plus it comes with a handy dandy clip that secure your iPhone to a belt or bag strap.

11. Reveal Case ($20): Looking for something lighter? This case by Griffin gives you iPhone just a touch of personality and a light layer of protection.

12. Case Mate ($30-$70): Case Mate’s cases are all about the appearance of texture. Glitter, tortoiseshell, quilting, and wood are all fair game.

Did you stand in line for the new iPhone 5? Which of these cases is your favorite? Talk to us in the comments below or come say hi on Twitter.