We love watches that serve unique functions, but sometimes simplicity just wins our hearts. And a crazy original concept is always sure to get our attention. We were intrigued even by the name of this product. A faceless watch? How’s that even possible? Hironao Tsuboi takes on that challenge and far exceeds expectations with this faceless LED watch concept.

The watch is a delightful example of tech-based design. simple band of the watch serves an actual function: The gaps in the links allow LED to shine through in the shapes of numbers. In this way, the band serves the purposes of both a band and a face and eliminates the need for an actual watch face.

The pretty stainless steel band looks great at work or out on the town. We guarantee that the unique LED display will be a conversation-starter wherever your day takes you. Unfortunately, this particular watch isn’t yet available but we hope we’ll all be able to get our hands on it soon.

We also found a slightly different but still pretty awesome take on the faceless LED watch via Hammacher Schlemmer. This one is available with either blue LEDS and brushed nickel or red LEDs and a high gloss black finish.

Are you dying to snag one of these or are you totally content with a face on your watch? Let us know in the comments below or over on Twitter.