It鈥檚 a springy Friday here in San Francisco and this week has been a doozy, mostly because of our brand new brand, Bro + Co. Wait. Really? Did you just fall for that鈥 again? It鈥檚 a joke, people, but message received 鈥 you want some content for dudes, and we just might oblige. Now, onto the BritList.

1. Disco Dog: This is the light-up coat you had no idea your dog needed. Control the light pattern from your phone, make it spell out words and sentences or just go for straight disco.

2. Life-Size Chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch: What. Yes. Created by UKTV just days before Easter, 鈥渢he biggest chocolate event on the UK calendar鈥 (since when are 鈥渃hocolate events鈥 a thing?), this 88-pound masterpiece is鈥 sweet. (h/t Refinery 29)

3. Deneb Diamond Kite ($32): Cue Mary Poppins and the whole gang, and let鈥檚 go fly a freaking kite.

4. The Gummy Bear Bed: Apparently we鈥檝e got a thing for extra large candy today! You can view this bed, made entirely out of gummy bears, through Monday April 6 at IT鈥橲UGAR at 655 Broadway in New York City.

5. 3D Printed Ice Cubes: These spit in the face of novelty ice cubes everywhere. Created by ad agency TBWA/Hakuhodo for Japan鈥檚 Suntory Whisky (yes, as in Suntory Time), these ice cubes were created using Autodesk 123D and a CNC router. So cool. Pun intended.

6. Frenchie Coin Bank ($48): Also known as the cutest piggy bank you ever did see.

7. Deep-Fried Cadbury Eggs: I mean. Just. No. But maybe yes?

8. Fuller House: And now, the moment you鈥檝e all been waiting for: According to Variety, Netflix is inches away from reviving Full House, and guess what? It鈥檚 going to be called Fuller House. And as far as we can tell, this is NOT an April Fools鈥 Joke. #HaveMercy

9. Favorite Things Raglan Pullover ($44): This is the perfect top for a lazy Sunday鈥 that turns into a fun-day.

10. OK Go鈥檚 Chinese Furniture Commercial: Created by China鈥檚 version of IKEA, Red Star Macalline, this might be the best music-video-hidden-in-a-furniture-commercial we鈥檝e ever seen. (h/t Core77)