’90s kids rejoice! After some serious buggin’ last November with the announcement of dELiA*s shutting down, the sparkly-but-grungey brand is on its way back. Read all about that, the texting hat and the new #DressGate (#CatOnStairs is a #gate) in this week’s edition of the BritList. Happy Friday!

1. Ice Cream Burritos: ‘Scuse us, that’s BRRR-ito. Genius mid-to-late April marketers Ben & Jerry’s are releasing the mother lode of ice cream treats this coming Monday. And you know what this coming Monday is? April 20th. So yeah. Vermont.

2. #CatOnStairs: Is that cat going up the stairs or down? WHAT DOES IT MEAN? #doublerainbowinthesky

3. The Return of dELiA*s: That’s right. Just months ago the Internet went crazy over the announcement of dELiA*s shutting down for good. Digital copies of the dELiA*s’ Summer ’96 calendar went viral, ’90s fangirls (aka youngsters who weren’t wearing clothing aside from diapers and onesies in the actual ’90s) ‘grammed their favorite looks in droves and thirty-somethings like myself busted out their favorite mini backpacks in honor of the iconic brand.

Well guess what? They heard us, and they’re coming back. Stay tuned.

4. The Texting Hat: Finally, a hat to bring the art of eye contact back, even when you’re texting.

5. A-holes, A type book: What started as a side joke as turned into a full-fledged coffee table book that explores the world of type through one essential shape: the A-hole.

6. Low Poly Game of Thrones Portraits: Created by Mordi Levi, this series of low-poly portraits parallels the fragmented morality of Westeros with the visual fragmentation of this illustration style. Heavy… right?

7. Bathroom Guest Book ($15): Disgustingly clever.

8. WTF Candles: These candles are made for pranksters. What starts as a delicious apple pie-smelling affair turns into a stinky fart. Gross! But also AWESOME.

9. Good After Nine Animal Rings: How gorgeous are these rings? Created by Thai husband-and-wife design team Good After Nine, these miniature animal rings blow your ’90s glass animals way out of the water. (h/t Design Taxi)

10. My Drunk Kitchen Cookbook ($22.99): Because what goes better with culinary creativity than a blast of hooch?

11. The Best Sizzler Commercial of All Time: Got five minutes to spare? Watch. This. NOW.