We’re here to set the record straight: Dirty hair is a good thing. Are we saying you should never wash your hair again? No. But skipping a shampoo here and there is, in the long run, healthier for your hair. When you shampoo your hair, you strip it of its natural oils. Your hair responds by creating more. (AKA the more you wash your hair, the more quickly it’ll get greasy. Crazy!) Plus, dirty hair has more texture and grip, and is, therefore, easier to style. So how do you get away with fewer washes and still maintain your mane? Glad you asked! We’re teaming up with Sexy Hair to bring you a four-day hair care regimen that’ll keep your hair looking flawless in between washes.

Sexy Hair recently re-launched one of their most popular lines, Healthy Sexy Hair. The renewed line is all about self-care by way of smart, feel-good products that are healthy for your locks. It’s got new packaging and new product names. (And look out for the brand new addition: Love Oil, a lightweight, multi-purpose oil that smooths, shines, detangles, protects, controls frizz, AND smells like citrusy, flowery goodness.) Healthy Sexy Hair is the ideal line to utilize for this four-day routine because the products leave hair soft and healthy while packing a serious styling punch.

Scroll on for the no-wash hair care routine you need to try!


Day 1: The first morning is the *only* time you’ll need to put in the labor. The next three days’ styles will build off of day one’s foundation. First, shampoo and condition your hair (the Healthy Sexy Hair line includes an excellent Moisturizing Shampoo and Moisturizing Conditioner). For next-level soft hair, follow up with Tri-Wheat Leave-In Conditioner. While your hair is still damp, comb Love Oil through the ends. Next, blow-dry your hair and curl it into bouncy ringlets. After your hair has cooled, gently comb your fingers through the curls. This will leave you with polished, soft locks for the day.

Day 2: To breathe new life into day-old curls, simply add Surfrider Texturizer. Hold the texturizer beneath your hair and spray up into the curls, then lightly scrunch the product in with your fingers. You’ll end up with a sort of beachy, tousled vibe that still looks put together.

Day 3: Okay, it’s game time. You’re likely to wake up with some unwelcome grease on day three, but don’t fret! That’s where magnificent, majestic, mane-saving dry shampoo comes in. Seriously, we’re not sure how people took care of their hair pre-dry-shampoo days. Hair Laundry is our new go-to dry shampoo — it’s actually a non-drying powder that softens as it absorbs. Better yet, it’s translucent on even the darkest of hair.

So here’s your simple-as-can-be formula for day three: Switch up your hair part (hello, volume!) then add Hair Laundry to zap grease and give your locks a lift. If you find your tips look frazzled, rub a small amount of Love Oil in your fingers, comb it through your hair ends, and call it a day.


Day 4: You’re almost there! Day four may seem daunting, but we’ve saved the best for last. Enter the crown braid, which actually looks better with dirty hair.

To begin, pump Hair Laundry into your roots to absorb up any unwanted oil. Then add styling paste to a one- to two-inch section of hair just behind your hairline, from root to tip. Braid this hair two-thirds of the way down and secure it with an elastic. Expand the braid with your fingers (a move the pros call “pancaking”) to give it even more body. Repeat with the braid on the other side of your head. Then take the hair on the crown of your head, lightly back-comb it, and clip it out of the way. Pin the two pancaked braids to the center back of your head. Bring down the teased and clipped hair to cover the pins. Run a touch more Styling Paste through the ends of your hair. Then spray on a light layer of So Touchable Hairspray to lock in the look. You’re done!

There ya go! One wash, four flawless hair days. Consider the hair game changed.

Are you trying the four-day hair care regimen? If so, we want to hear how it goes! Share with us on Instagram by tagging @britandco and #healthysexyhair.

Production + Model: Maddie Bachelder

Photography: Chris Andre

Design: Torii Burnett

Hair: Brian Jensen

Makeup: Rhia Jaucian