Summer is just around the corner, and we know that when it comes to prepping your hair, you are on it. Whether you’re going for bouncy, beautiful beach waves or debating a creative dye job, keeping your locks soft and healthy is always on your mind. We can’t be more excited to see the sun come out to play, but we’re not going to let it ruin our hair fun. Try these 11 tips to keep your hair super soft all summer long.


1. Eat Right: You hear it again and again, and we have to agree: To achieve the best hair, you have to eat the best foods. Make sure you are consuming foods with Omega-3 fatty acids and protein for shiny, full hair. Oh, and don’t forget to take your vitamins too.


2. Aloe Vera: This little plant is magic for your hair. Not only does it promote growth, but it also conditions like no other. Aloe also has properties similar to keratin, which helps retain water and moisture. (via Co Corrina)


3. Wash Hair Less Often: Your hair relies on oils to keep it healthy and moisturized. The last thing you want to do is strip them away. Depending on how much oil your hair produces, try to only wash your hair once or twice a week. In between the washes, let dry shampoo do all the dirty work by absorbing the extra oils in your hair. (via DIY Fashion)


4. Cold Rinse: To lock that moisture in and close your cuticles, do a cold rinse at the end of your shower. Locked hair follicles = less frizz.


5. Apple Cider Vinegar: Let ACV treat your hair like the princess it is. With one rinse, it will help prevent split ends and breakage, reduce frizz, improve porosity and naturally condition your hair. Seriously, it’s like magic. (via Hello Natural)


6. Use a T-shirt Instead: Cotton is the way to go to keep hair soft. After showering, lightly squeeze the excess water out and then tie a t-shirt around your head, letting your hair dry while you complete the rest of your look. It’s perfect for the #lazygirl in all of us. (via Michele Phan)


7. Air-Dry That Hair: It just makes sense: The less heat you use, the softer your hair will be. There are plenty of ways to achieve a glam look without blowdrying. Start with a great conditioner for a smooth finish. If your locks get easily tangled, use a light conditioning or detangler spray to help with your ends.


8. Use Heat Protectant: If you can’t leave your house without a little bit of stylin’, use heat protectant before whipping out your hot styling tools. Want to know if your heat protectant is working? Spray a good amount of your hand, and then wave your blow dryer over it. The longer you don’t feel the heat, the better the product.


9. Hair Mask: When your hair is screaming for moisture, give it some new life by using a DIY hair mask once a week. Products like almond milk, coconut oil or avocado can soften and strengthen each strand. (via Hello Natural)


10. Focus on the Ends: The ends of your strands are the most drying of your mane. Take control by using a leave-in conditioner. Focus a lot more product at the ends of your hair, but don’t forget your roots. Soft, healthy hair originates at your scalp.


11. Get Regular Trims: Trims will save your hair from becoming brittle and ragged. Split ends actually impede hair growth and prevent you hair from retaining the moisture your hair needs. Plus, it doesn’t hurt to get a new style every once in a while!

How do you keep your hair soft during the summer? Tell us in the comments below!