Inventing, rapid prototyping, starting your own business — we have no doubt that the ability to do all these things is going to be an absolute must for a lot of people in the not-so-distant future. And while we feel pretty lucky over here at Brit HQ, with our laser cutters and 3D printers aplenty at Brit + Co SF, we totally realize that not everyone has that luxury. Some places, like an incredible art and tech school, need help in the resources department to teach kids the way they need to be taught.

The Possible Project (TPP), a youth program in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is teaching kids entrepreneurial skills to succeed in the tech-centric age. Students learn how to start and run their own businesses, how to design product concepts and about advancing tech so they can graduate from high school ready to tackle any challenge.

Their makerspace allows students to design and produce their products in person, learning everything about the manufacturing process. And with the opening of a new maker space this winter, TPP is looking for tools that will help students learn more than classes can teach them. We all probably know this firsthand: A hands-on experience is so much richer than sitting in a classroom and listening to a lecture.

TPP already has the software they need, 3D printers and more. But to build realistic and effective prototypes, they need a laser cutter, which is why they turned to Kickstarter.

Helping the school out isn’t just a selfless act. They have some pretty sweet prizes in exchange for donations, including custom engraved Klean Kanteens for a $50 donation or a custom Moleskine notebook for $25. We’re definitely on board for forking over some cash for such an inspiring project. Aren’t you?

Check out the Possible Project’s site for more information about their inspiring work.

Would you contribute to this fundraiser? How important has creativity been in your successes? Tell us below!