Laser cutters are really nifty tools for etching in leather, wood and glass — and that’s just for starters. The problem is they’re usually big pieces of equipment. And when you’re in the market for smaller personal-sized ones, the options currently available limit you to creating a design that can only be as big as the size of the machine. Until now… a group of guys at Techshop Pittsburgh saw this issue and started sketching ideas for what is now the most versatile portable laser cutter.

The Origami, as implied in the name, has an edge over the competition thanks to its revolutionary fold-out arm. By putting a laser into an arm that can be extended, your design size is no longer limited to the size of the machine. To use it, you just unfold the arm, plug it in, stick in your USB design and you’re ready to create.

The Red Ant Team that created Origami has already hammered out a final prototype, and they’re ready to start making them for people to use in their own homes and workshops. To get there, they’re raising funds with the help of Kickstarter. If they meet their goal by November, they’ll be able to make their first 25 Origami Laser Cutters… and hopefully that’s just the beginning. To get your own, you need to shell out $4,200, but lower pledge options are available, and we think worth looking into if that means getting one step closer to having an affordable, versatile laser cutter in our house in the hopefully not-so distant future.

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