Whether you’re meeting with potential clients or hitting up some craft fairs, it’s always good to have a stash of business cards to stay in touch with new contacts. And while getting business cards printed certainly looks professional, it doesn’t look very fun! Show off your creative side alongside your contact info with these 25 DIY business cards that are sure to make people remember you.

1. Stamped Business Cards: With shipping tags and a personalized stamp, you can create these easy and eye-catching business cards. We like that the shape isn’t that of a traditional business card… It makes them stand out from the pack! (via BeachBrights)

2. Charm Stamped Cards: The mix of glitz and rustic makes these business cards look unique and cool. Plus the extra texture of the charm is a great touch! (via oh, hello friend)


3. Tie-Dyed Business Cards: These are pretty incredible. It’s a cool way to spruce up plain old business cards and we’re loving that each one is slightly different. (via lark&linen)

4. Zig Zag Edged Cards: Another fun update to a traditional card, these use paper cutouts and zigzag scissors to give each one a pop of personality! (via Design Improvised)

5. Washi Tape: We love washi tape. Like, seriously. Using the material to create a fun business card, accented by a colored paper clip, is pretty brilliant (and easy!).(via Lemon Jitters)

6. Scratch Off Business Cards: Another project by oh, hello friend, these interactive business cards, reminiscent of those scratch-off lottery tickets, is a cute way to keep your contacts engaged and deliver a hidden message. Awesome! (via oh, hello friend)

7. Stitched Upcycled Business Cards: These cards use old cereal boxes and simple stitching to make an earth-friendly statement card. If you like the look but don’t know if you totally want to commit to the total eco-warrior vibe, you can use recycled plain cardboard for a similar effect. (via C.R.A.F.T.)

8. Half Printed, Half Illustrated Cards: Business in the front, party in the back? These cards let you show off your professional and free-spirited sides at once, while also showing your artistic chops. How cool would it be to get a one-of-a-kind illustration along with someone’s contact info? (via Creature Comforts)

9. Watercolor Business Cards: The watercolor lines on this card provide a pop of color atop a clean white background. We’re loving that these have a totally handmade vibe while being really easy to put together. (via ARDOR)

10. Glitter Vial Business Cards: Show off your sparkle with this awesome DIY idea. The glitter vials are pretty epic, and the washi tape is just a bonus! (via Ashley Thunder Events)

11. Lace Accented Business Cards: Lace is always a great way to add a little bit of femininity to a project and we’re loving how it accents the simplicity of the rest of the card. (via Dance to the Radio)

12. Carnival Tickets Cards: Colorful? Check. Unique? Yep. Easy to make a ton? Definitely. These cards made from carnival tickets make us seriously crave some cotton candy. (via The House That Lars Built)

13. Paint Dipped Spoon + Business Card: Little extras definitely set your business card, and you, apart. We’re definitely digging the idea of adding something useful, crafty, and representative of your brand alongside your regular card. (via Lulu the Baker)

14. Business Flowers: Ok, so these aren’t actually a card, but they’re awesome. Fabric flowers + a label = a great way to be remembered among a big group of people. These would be fun to display in a vase wherever you need a couple business cards on hand. (via Hey Look)

15. Gilded Business Cards: Add a touch of class to a stack of inexpensive business cards with some gold spray paint. (via Camille Styles)

16. Fabric Backed Business Cards: Put those fabric scraps to good use by upgrading your business cards with a bit of texture and pretty patterns. (via Here’s looking at me kid)

17. Vintage Slide Business Cards: Snag some vintage slides from the thrift store and create some totally retro (and completely rad) business cards. (via Maize Hutton)

18. Sparkly Hearts Business Card: Turn your business card into a party with a little homemade confetti with just the right amount of glitz. (via So Shay)

19. Ombre Business Cards: You had us at ombre. The neon hues make these cards stand out while the ombre pattern make them look professionally done — despite how crazy simple the DIY is! (via A Pair and a Spare)

20. Paint Chip Cards: If you’re looking for an inexpensive and pretty solution, go pick up some paint chips and upcycle them into your personal calling card. (via White Fish & Things)

21. Cross-stitched Cards: These have a great vintage-meets-crafty feel to them and the multiple textures makes them easy to find in a stack of cards — great for getting people to reach out to you after the fact! (via vintage muse modern views)

22. Artsy Business Cards: Turn your art into memorable and individual business cards that each look like a masterpiece. (via Design Milk)

23. Neon-Accented Business Cards: The neon string against the bold text makes these cards a great choice for those who like things a little bit edgy. (via popeyetalk)

24. Washi Tape, Stitched Business Cards: The little washi tape shapes are an unexpected dose of awesome and the stitching is a great way to make sure it stays on even when it’s thrown into a purse. It’s a great way to add patterns and colors to your card while remaining pretty minimal. (via Mintstudio Creations)

25. Parchment Paper Envelopes: Parchment paper envelopes make a great base for fun business cards. We created these guys quite a while ago (in fact, we were HelloBrit.com then!), and we still love them. You can fill them with different fun extras and they’re crazy easy to print at home. (via Brit + Co.)

How do you mix personality and professionalism on your business cards? Have you seen any awesome ones out in the wild? Talk to us in the comments below or share your photos over on Twitter.