Are you getting married? Congrats! Or maybe you’re a maid of honor, charged with throwing a bachelorette party? Well, congrats to you too. Now let us be helpful, because throwing a party for you or your BFF is kind of a big deal. Not as big as the wedding, but amazingly good fun. So let’s talk bachelorette party favors. I mean beyond the old standbys, like naughty cakes and bridal-tiaras. You could buy or DIY anything on this list and be the bride’s, well, best friend for life. Hah. We just adore the custom champagne bottle labels and this Pinch Minimergency Kits (a must for any bride, or any gal in the wedding party for that matter!). Okay, party favors. Check.

What about the night’s theme, decorations, food? Check out these 18 fabulous Instagrammers for some seriously amazing party ideas. You can really rock this shindig big time. And you will! We have faith in you. No staid, stereotypical bachelorette party for you. You will turn this thing on its head, with DIY ingenuity and creative flair. Here are nine tips to help you plan the best bachelorette party of all time, bar none. And ten more ideas we are sure that you won’t regret later (you’re welcome).

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