From naked wedding cakes to your fave versions of coffee cakes, mug cakes or even sushi cakes (yep, sushi cakes), if it has cake in the name, it’s sure to catch attention. But these new cakes will have you looking twice because, frankly, they don’t look like cakes at all. Outside, they totally look like your fave sodas in their highly recognizable bottles. Inside, though, they’re all about the super-delicious cake.

The awesome creations of Sydney-based baker, Andres Fatso, these amazing pop-themed cakes are currently available in three flavors. You can enjoy Sprite cake which is Matcha-flavored, the Nutella-based Coca-Cola cake or the newest Fanta cake which is all about tasting like Reese’s buttercups. Um, YUM!

Using actual soda bottles cut in half as a mold to create a stable outer chocolate layer, the inside is made up of layers of cake and cream.

Simply stand in awe, then slice open and enjoy. You and your friends will surely be thrilled at this fun take on pop and cake.

If you want to try out your own Soda Pop Bottle Cake, then check out the Baked by Andres Facebook page, where you can get the deets on ordering this deceptive-yet-delicious dessert.

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(h/t BuzzFeed, photos via Andres Fatso)