We’ve seen a lot of creative twists on food presentation lately, for every meal of the day. From smoothie bowls to sandwich cakes, we love discovering new ways to serve old faves (if you haven’t seen dessert salads, you’re missing out). If you’re a fan of sashimi and all things seafood, and you’ve already explored sushi burgers, you’ll love this crazy cake idea: salmon tartare, shrimp, avocado, wasabi sprouts and a little bit of nori. It’s enough to make your mouth water, so keep reading for 14 delicious ways to serve sushi cake at your next party.

Though a few of these recipes aren’t originally written in English, we thought they were too inspiring not to share, and most can be interpreted with Google Translate.

1. Salmon and Shrimp Cake: Calling all seafood lovers! This yummy sushi cake combines salmon steaks, cooked shrimp, nori and avocado. Wasabi peas and lime juice give this cake just the flavor-filled kick it needs to have you coming back for more. (via Cuisine Addict)

chirashi sushi cake

2. Chirashi Sushi Cake: “Chirashi sushi” roughly translates to “scattered sushi,” which is basically a mixture of sushi ingredients. Though this recipe calls for premade “Sushi Taro” Chirashi Sushi Mix, you can make chirashi sushi from your own preferred ingredients and toppings. (via 6 Bittersweets)


3. Spicy Tuna Poke Rice Cake: If you’re already a fan of the popular spicy and salty Hawaiian snack known as poke, you’ll love this sushi cake. With a blend of mouth-watering flavors, including soy sauce, miso paste, sriracha and cilantro, this delicious tuna poke rice cake is the one you’ll need in your life. (via Go Stuff Yourself)

chopstick chronicles sushi cake

4. Smoked Salmon Cake With Sakura Denbu: Topped with fish cakes cut into stars and sakura denbu (sweet-salty, pink-colored fish flakes), this sushi cake might just be the prettiest one yet. But don’t let its good looks fool you — this cake brings it in the flavor department as well. (via Chopstick Chronicles)


5. Hinamatsuri Inspired Sushi Cake: Hinamatsuri, a festival known as “Girls’ Day” in Japan, inspired this adorable sushi cake. The cute topper features an edible Japanese prince and princess. (via Create at Happy)


6. Spicy California Shrimp Stack Cake: Though traditional California rolls use crab meat, this sushi cake puts a twist on the sushi roll by combining cucumber, avocado and brown rice with shrimp. Whatever protein you choose, don’t forget to top it off with spicy mayo, soy sauce and Furikake (a Japanese condiment made with seaweed, spices and sesame seeds). (via Skinny Taste)

kinugawaibsenhotel sushi cake

7. Salmon, Shrimp and Crab Sushi Cake: Bring on the festivities with this celebratory sushi cake. Its vibrant mix of fresh ingredients doesn’t just look like an amazing flavor party — it is the party. (via Kinugawaonsenhoteru Staff News)

Sushi Cake and Sashimi Tarte

8. Sashimi Cake With Avocado Rose: Here’s another sushi cake that’s on the lighter side in terms of construction. Made of a single layer of rice and a single layer of sashimi, this sushi cake gets down to the basics. Though simple in appearance, this tasty dish is far from simple in flavor. (via Come on, Ilene)

sushi party Stephylicious

9. Sashimi Cake With Rolls: Fish on fish on fish! That pretty much sums up what this cake is all about. If you agree that less is more, simplify and go for this pile of sashimi goodness garnished with sushi rolls. (via Stephylicious)

sushi salmon cake

10. Salmon Cake With Trout Eggs: This aesthetically pleasing salmon cake also packs a flavorful punch. The scrumptious mix includes fresh cucumber, avocado and raw salmon with lime, dill and trout eggs. (via Dine at One Nanou)


11. Smoked Salmon Cake: Smoked salmon, sliced egg omelet, avocado and your personal choice of sashimi come together to create this savory cake. Plus, the how-to video makes assembling your own super fun and easy! (via Tastemade)

pimentoiseau sushi cake

12. Salmon Sushi Cake: Each layer of this sushi lover’s dream cake is made up of all kinds of complex flavors. For a spicy kick and crunchy texture, use wasabi peas, wasabi sprouts and leek shoots. (via Piment Oiseau)


13. Chirashi and Smoked Salmon Cake: Since there is no “set” recipe for chirashi, the sky is the limit when it comes to creating your own combination of yummy flavors, so go ahead and make it your own. Don’t skimp on the presentation of this one — your dinner guests are sure to be impressed. (via Japan Centre)


14. Sushi Wedding Cake: This sushi extravaganza of a wedding cake isn’t playing around. If you and your dearly beloved are big-time sushi lovers, consider this towering sushi wedding cake for your big day. (via Sushi Rolls)

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