Any excuse you have to eat cake before noon is a total win. If you agree, cue the coffee cake 鈥 served with a cup of joe (or even a warm smoothie?) for a complete, cozy breakfast that will get you out of bed no matter what. That鈥檚 especially true because coffee cake goes way beyond the plain streusel-topped variety you鈥檙e used to seeing at your grandma鈥檚 house or neighborhood coffee shop. Here, we鈥檙e sharing 15 unique coffee cake recipes, from a light sesame and tahini tea cake to an indulgent chocolate turtle coffee cake, that are ready to cause a scene at your breakfast table. Scroll through and set your alarm 鈥 you鈥檙e gonna want to make all of these for your weekday breakfasts.


1. Almond Coffee Cake (Whole Grain): With all of the sweet flavor from almond flour, almond extract and slivered almonds, you won鈥檛 even notice that this cake is made with whole wheat flour. Wrap up squares for a quick and healthy breakfast to go. (via Sweet Remedy)


2. Apple Crumb Cake: Chunks of fresh apple and creamy Greek yogurt give this cake a moist texture that will have you coming back for more. Dust with a layer of powdered sugar for that extra wow factor. (via Bakerita)


3. Berry Apple Buckle Cake: This cake is so jam-packed with fruit, it鈥檚 hard to tell if there鈥檚 even cake underneath. We won鈥檛 judge if you decide to throw a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top. In fact, we encourage it. (via Heartbeat Kitchen)


4. Blackberry-Lime Cream Cheese Coffee Cake: Zesty lime and tart blackberries offer a freshness that鈥檚 perfect with the luscious cream cheese layer swirled throughout this cake. It鈥檚 light enough for breakfast, yet sweet enough for dessert. (via Sweet Peas and Saffron)

Chocolate Coffee Bundt Cake

5. Chocolate and Coffee Bundt Cake: Coffee and chocolate aren鈥檛 required in your standard coffee cake, but they鈥檙e definitely welcomed. Especially when there鈥檚 salted peanut butter glaze on top. Now, where鈥檚 the fork? (via The Baker鈥檚 Blog)

Chocolate Mixed Berry Coffee Cake

6. Chocolate and Mixed Berry Coffee Cake: You can clearly see the ridiculously appealing cocoa crumble that tops this coffee cake. What you can鈥檛 see is the middle layer of berries mixed with Nutella that adds an exciting surprise to each bite. (via The Homemade Haus)


7. Chocolate Turtle Coffee Cake: Buttery pecans, smooth caramel and sweet chocolate sounds like a combo you would be more likely to see on a restaurant dessert menu than your breakfast table. Think again 鈥 this coffee cake will trick you into thinking you鈥檙e still dreaming. (via The Suburban Soapbox)


8. Coffee Cake: This classic coffee cake is anything but ordinary, mainly due to the sugary maple glaze that flows over the top of the crunchy pecan streusel. Just try not to lick the bowl 鈥 we dare you. (via Show Me the Yummy)


9. Coffee Cardamom Cake: Cardamom is a highly underrated spice that gives this coffee cake complete LIFE. Plus, the butter glaze on top is a sinful addition that you don鈥檛 want to miss out on. (via Thoroughly Nourished Life)


10. Cranberry Orange Bundt Cake: At first glance, this Bundt cake looks like any other classic favorite from your grandma鈥檚 kitchen. Hiding under that orange glaze are wholesome ingredients like coconut oil, Greek yogurt and wheat flour that will keep you satisfied long after that first cup of coffee wears off. (via Fit Mitten Kitchen)

Plum Coffee Cake

11. Plum Coffee Cake: In-season plums are a delicious gem that deserves a spot front and center on this crumbly coffee cake. Sprinkle brown sugar on top in lieu of streusel for a sweeter caramelized flavor. (via Baker in Disguise)


12. Pumpkin Crumb Cake: Thank goodness pumpkin puree is readily available all year long, because you won鈥檛 want to wait until fall rolls around to make this crumb cake. Serve with a piping hot latte for that out-of-season PSL experience. (via I Wash You Dry)


13. Sesame and Tahini Tea Cake: Impress your brunch crew with this gorgeous tea cake that鈥檚 perfect with a side of Earl Grey. It鈥檚 dense yet moist, and gets its distinguishing flavor from earthy tahini (it鈥檚 not just for hummus!). (via Erin Made This)


14. Sour Cream Coffee Cake: There鈥檚 a reason sour cream is in the title of this coffee cake. It鈥檚 the main reason for its supreme moisture and overall delectability. Try subbing coffee for milk in the glaze for an extra jolt to get you through the morning. (via Leite鈥檚 Culinaria)


15. Toffee Almond Streusel Coffee Cake: The secret ingredient in this masterpiece? Toffee almond coffee creamer. That鈥檚 right, coffee creamer! It鈥檚 like delicious coffee and coffee cake inception, and you need to try it. (via Life, Love and Sugar)

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