These Creative Statement Shirts Teach You What You Need to Know About Gender Pronouns
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These Creative Statement Shirts Teach You What You Need to Know About Gender Pronouns

Ever since Caitlyn Jenner revealed her true self to Diane Sawyer, Vanity Fair and the world, the topic of gender pronouns (and gender identity as a whole) has become just as prominent as the former Olympian herself. When millions of people were truly introduced to the “T” in LGBT for the first time upon hearing Caitlyn’s story, it was no wonder that many watching and learning weren’t aware that there is more to gender and sex assignment than a simple “M” or “F” on that birth certificate. With OITNB star Ruby Rose also speaking about her identification to being genderfluid, new avenues of gender discussions seem to be opening every day.

Since a lot of these distinctions are new to many worldwide, there’s obvious confusion when it comes to properly speaking to or about a person that doesn’t identify themself as falling under the cultural norm of male or female. To help propel those important conversations of understanding, there’s a line of tops that encourage people to ask and then accept a person by the pronoun they prefer, while the wearer gets to showcase pride in their own identity (in a tongue-in-cheek way, of course).

The line of shirts, tanks and sweaters comes from Look Human — a clothing and accessories company for “individuals that refuse to be tamed” — tackles the topic of gender pronouns, which can be a touchy and confusing subject for some. The phrases on each top highlight the importance of language and pronoun usage for those that identify as genderfluid (an individual identifying with different genders throughout their life) or non-binary/genderqueer (someone that doesn’t identify with conventional gender distinctions) in a non-aggressive, playful way. Essentially everything you want in a statement tee, right?

While there are always going to be individuals out there unaccepting of being respectful and unwilling to call someone by their preferred gender pronoun, these shirts at least give the wearer the opportunity to creatively open up a conversation with those that are interested and open-minded enough to learn a non-binary individual’s identification and even create more dialogue to learn their backstory. Considerate conversation-starter tees, FTW.

Props to this company for their creative tees that will hopefully change the way people chat with those that don’t consider themselves to be cisgender (those who identify with the gender norms of the sex they were assigned at birth) while allowing non-binary individuals the pride in their pronouns they rightfully deserve.

What are your thoughts on these gender pronoun shirts? Will you be ordering one in your size? Let us know in the comments.

(h/t Bustle, photos via Look Human)