Women have been leaving the Republican party in droves over the last few months. Although researchers aren鈥檛 entirely sure why, the Washington Post聽noticed a major female migration聽from the GOP to the Democrats since the 2016 election. Combine the movement across party lines with a large number of GOP lawmakers retiring in 2018, and you鈥檝e got a party in need of a makeover.t

With midterm elections on the horizon, more and more women across the country are throwing their hats into the ring to make that change within the Republican party, and they may be the way the party survives after the last tumultuous 15 months.

鈥淚 live in an area where Democrats can鈥檛 win,鈥 29-year-old Lindsay Brown told Bustleof her New Jersey Congressional district, a Republican stronghold. 鈥淪o if I want to win, and I want to unseat an incumbent, and I want to make change in the Republican party then I have to be a Republican.鈥 The election of President Trump motivated her to switch parties to the GOP in the hopes of making positive change for her community, and the country.

Brown isn鈥檛 alone in her hopes of seeking positive change spurred on by a distaste of the current administration.ABC News聽reports that there are at least 50 women running in primaries in Texas alone 鈥 a groundbreaking number for the state.

And there are plenty of longstanding Republicans aiming for change within their party in 2018, too. New Yorker Morgan Zegers is running for the GOP with the hopes of helping reshape the party.

鈥淚鈥檓 still trying to figure out where the party is heading,鈥 the 21-year-old student told Bustle. But while it may look like many Republican women are running to trounce the current administration, that鈥檚 not the case across the board.

鈥淩epublican women aren鈥檛 running out of anger; we鈥檙e running out of principle,鈥 Missy Shorey, the national executive director at Maggie鈥檚 List, which funds conservative women鈥檚 campaigns told Newsweek. 鈥淎nd there鈥檚 a very big difference. People are much more drawn to women standing with a purpose as opposed to a reactionary force.鈥

鈥淚gnore women on the right at your own peril,鈥 Shorey concluded. 鈥淛ust because we don鈥檛 have pink hats and aren鈥檛 screaming in the streets doesn鈥檛 mean we don鈥檛 exist.鈥

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