You probably know Allison Williams as the privileged Marnie Michaels on Girls or from her unexpected role in this year’s acclaimed horror film Get Out. But the actress is also an advocate for educational opportunities for youth, serving as an ambassador for Horizons National, a non-profit organization that helps low-income kids engage in academic activities over the summer to prepare for the upcoming school year.

We caught up with Williams at #CreateGood to learn a little more about her involvement with Horizons, the woman that inspires her the most, and what surprisingly is not in her refrigerator. Here are eight things you would never have guessed about the talented actress, and watch the video below.

1. Horizons is an organization that Williams grew up with. She hung out with kids who went through the program, her mom is the head of the board, and her brother teaches there. Williams was recently named ambassador, which she describes as a form of “Robin Hood maneuvering to give [money] to kids who really deserve it.”

2. She says female empowerment is a mutual pact between women. It’s all about “lifting each other up and lifting yourself up.”

3. Her mother is her inspiration. Williams is “completely blown away” by her mom, who she gushes is “so smart and knows the answer to everything and is funny and generous.”

4. She’s left-handed. And bumps into things a lot.

5. The end of Girls was bittersweet. Her favorite moments of filming Girls were towards the end, when she was shooting with Lena Dunham in upstate New York. She called it “intimate, sweet,” “very cathartic,” and that it included “so much crying.”

6. She hates karaoke, and she blames Marnie for that. “When I do do karaoke, people expect me to sing “Stronger” by Kanye. Marnie would do that but I would never do that,” she gripes. The actress actually does have singing chops, however, and there’s evidence on YouTube.

7. She can’t cook. “I can boil water, but I would have to go shopping to buy ingredients for box mac ‘n’ cheese, and that is some kind of stunted adulthood.” She says she and her husband never have milk that isn’t expired in their refrigerator, anyway. Cue the takeout menu.

8. Like, really can’t cook. She claims, “Everyone I know would die if I made steak.”

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(Photo via Brittany Griffin)