This is almost too sweet to bear (get it?). Heathrow Airport knows people will soon be traveling all over the world to see their loved ones, which is why they’ve just released their first holiday commercial. And OMG, it’s just about the most adorable thing you’ll ever see. We promise!

teddy bears

Featuring two elderly teddy bears walking hand and hand while navigating the overwhelming airport — doing things like stepping onto a seemingly gigantic escalator and getting a little help when they’re too small to lift their luggage off the carousel and even nabbing some yummy shortbread — it really will bring a smile to your face. But it’s the end that will in fact make you emotional AF. “Over teddy bears?” you ask. You bet!

“We love the film and hope the bears’ journey through the airport captures that excitement you feel when walking through Heathrow arrivals into the arms of your loved ones at Christmas,” Jonathan Coen, who directed the commercial, told The Drum. Goal: achieved.

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(h/t Parade; photo via Heathrow Airport)