In case you were wondering, there IS such a thing as doing too much. Brandy Norwood, who will forever live in our hearts as Moesha, was a prime example of that hours earlier in LA, when the singer鈥檚 plane was grounded after she fainted just prior to take off.

Firefighters and paramedics responded to the scene when the the 38-year-old reportedly lost consciousness, transporting her to a local hospital where she stayed for several hours.

Luckily, the 鈥淏eggin & Pleadin鈥 artist鈥檚 team has released an update saying that she鈥檚 now back at home recovering and explaining exactly what the heck just happened.

Apparently, our girl has had quite the jam-packed schedule as of late, including extensive travel (we鈥檙e talking 10 flights in the last few days) and multiple appearances, all of which left her flat- out exhausted 鈥 to the point of actually losing consciousness 鈥 yikes! It surely didn鈥檛 help that she was also up all night working in the studio with a 5:45 am plane to catch en route to her next public gig.

Brandy certainly wouldn鈥檛 be the first celeb to fall ill due to sleep-deprivation: Lindsay Lohan famously landed herself in the hospital at 18 after what she called 鈥working herself to death,鈥 and Kanye West had a similar stint this past November.

While we鈥檙e happy to hear all are doing alright, it鈥檚 definitely a great reminder to slow down and really take some time for you, regardless of how busy you may be. After all, there鈥檚 nothing more important than our health, and adrenal fatigue, which can result from lack of sleep, is no joke!

Brandy, for her part, will be 鈥渞elaxing for the next few days,鈥 and we couldn鈥檛 be happier to hear it.

Feel better soon, Brandy!

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(h/t E!; Photos via Frederick M. Brown + Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty)