Google is the first place most people go online when they need basically anything. We even have Google operating in our homes. Up until recently, however, Google’s search feature couldn’t really help you find a job, but with the tech giant’s newest feature upgrade, you can use the search engine to job hunt easily from your phone without using a third-party app.

Google for Jobs is the tech company’s search engine focused only on helping you find a new place of employment. Using listing sites like LinkedIn or Monster, Google aggregates jobs near you using the keywords you put in. If you’re logged into your Google account, the search engine will even calculate potential commute times to each job that it finds that matches your criteria.

But what about the companies listed? Google will also sort out reviews and ratings of every potential new employer, so if that job seems too good to be true, you’ll know before you even apply. Talk about keeping employers honest.

While this feature is just rolling out, it could be a game changer for anyone struggling to find employment. With so many job sites out there and the fast paced nature of the digital age, we often miss our opportunity to apply before the job is filled.

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(h/t Refinery29; photo via Google)