Looking for a new pair of sunnies to rock for the dog days of summer? Whether you’ve lost a couple pairs at the beach or are just in the market for some late summa stunnas, we’ve got your back. Seed Eyewear is making super cute shades that also happen to be (drumroll!) great for the environment.

When you order a pair of these sunglasses (currently $67 with a pledge on Indiegogo), the company will plant five trees! Not only are you cutting down on your environmental footprint with your sustainable shades, you’re also helping to actively make the world a little greener. These polarized glasses are made from bamboo, so they’re sustainable and chic. They come in wayfarer, aviator and round frames as well as black and brown colors.

It shouldn’t be too difficult to find sunglasses perfect for the pool, but may we mention that since they’re made out of bamboo, they float when dropped in water? Feel free to wear these guys while chilling on your donut float and don’t worry about losing them to the bottom of the pool.

We love being able to give back while we’re buying super rad products. And helping our environment is our idea of a worthy cause.

What’s your favorite green product? How many pairs of sunnies have you rocked this summer? Let’s talk in the comments below.