After much Internet-sleuthing, we’re calling it in the stylish and silly floats department. Urban Outfitters has the best ones around. Not even Amazon can compete. So, we’re pleased to bring you this year’s edition of our 15 faves, from inflatable pretzels to a way to literally walk on water. Float on!

1. Pretzel Pool Float ($24): We’ll kick it off with this incredible pretzel float. With multiple openings, you can even rock this for two.

2. Curly Serpent Pool Float ($46): What? Yes. This weirdo serpent is a float made just for you!

3. Joust Pool Game ($30): If only we had this set of pool jousting floats when we were younger — so much better than noodles!

4. Sea Turtle Pool Float ($24): What is it they say about being slow and steady? ;)

5. This Beach Bites Pool Float ($24): GET IT? Muhahahaha.

6. Ice Cream Sandwich Pool Float ($40): We are still waiting to see an ice cream float float (meta!), but this sandwich will have to suffice. Our only question? Why so emo, float model?

7. Neon Frost Inflatable Tube ($10): You can also go for the trusty inner tube — and then use it to go sledding in a few months!

8. Party Pong Pool Float ($40): You’ve seen it before, and you’ll dream about playing it again. Pool pong FTW.

9. Smiley Face Pool Float ($44): Yessss. This one is the best. And you know how we feel about smiley faces :)

10. Watermelon Slice Pool Float ($40): Every time summer comes around, it’s like people rediscover the refreshing power of watermelon. And now, you can float on it, too.

11. Swan Pool Float ($46): What would happen if you turned Bjork’s infamous swan dress into a float? THIS.

12. Donut Pool Float ($24): You’ve likely seen this on countless blogs, because the Internet is basically in love with donuts. The only thing we love more? RyGos.

13. Gator Pool Float ($24): Gator snuggles? Whatever floats your boat… (sorry, we had to).

14. River Rover Lounge Chair Pool Float ($120): Hitting up a drunken river this summer? Then you need to equip yourself with this truly epic float. It’s got two built-in coolers and two drink holders. Also, is it weird that I would totally lounge in this indoors as well?

15. Wow Water Walkway Pool Float ($230): And finally, a way to walk on water!

Are you hitting up any pool parties this summer? What are your essentials for a day at the pool? Talk to us in the comments below.