In the most radical twist on patterns since — well, maybe ever — this latest DIY merges tie dye and polka dots for one awesome look. It’s a winning combination that also happens to be perfect for summer, a season which is prime for picnics, barbecues and other outdoor gatherings revolving around food. We’ve officially decided that the ideal piece on which to apply this newfound pattern is a table runner to go under all those drinks and appetizers. Bring in an extra burst of color to an array of summery snacks with this DIY polka dot table runner created by the team at nousDECOR.


– 13″ x 72″ strip of cotton cloth

– fabric dye

– gloves

– rubber bands (preferably small ones)

– buckets (to hold water and dye)


1. Take your cloth and pinch a tiny section of it between your hands.

2. Then wrap it tightly with a rubber band.

3. Repeat across the cloth until the entire strip is sectioned off with rubber bands.

4. Add water to your buckets (one bucket for each color).

5. Pour the dye into the buckets.

6. Take each small section and gently dip it into the dye, rotating colors as you go.

7. Set to dry.

8. Undo the rubber bands, and place on your table.

Pinch a small section of your table runner and secure it with a rubber band. Be sure to wrap the rubber bands tightly so that the colors don’t bleed. Cover the entire cloth in rubber banded sections.

Follow the instructions on your dye to prepare each color. We went with pink, orange and yellow for a summery look.

We recommend a high water-to-dye ratio for vibrant colors.

Carefully dip the sections into the dye, making sure to stay below the band line.

That being said, it’s impossible to avoid some bleeding, so don’t worry when it happens! It will still come out great.

See? Gorgeous!

Polka dots + tie dye! Why no one has thought of this before is beyond us :)

Let the summer party begin!

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