If love is a card game, Tinder (the app that’s SERIOUSLY being made into a movie) is now putting certain users at the top of the deck. The app just introduced a new paid feature for UK and Australian users that allows users to pay and have their profile “boosted” to the top of their area. We’re not all that surprised, as dating apps have really been making moves toward monetizing their services — OkCupid has a similar boost option, and Bumble introduced a bevy of paid features earlier this year.


Tinder Boost, as it’s being called, allows users to pay a small fee to become one of the top profiles in their area for 30 minutes. Tinder is saying that the boost will increase your chances for matches because you’ll be visible by up to 10 times as many people.

Boost can be activated when you’re swiping through Tinder. There will be a pop-up when you’re swiping through that will ask if you would like to pay for a boost. They come in a single boost, five boost packs and 10 boost packs. There’s no word yet on pricing for the American market, but if you’re already paying for Tinder Plus, you’ll get one free boost each week.

While it’s just being tested in the UK and Australia, it should be coming our way pretty soon, according to Tinder’s blog post on the feature.

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