There’s no question we’re crazy for outfit inspiration — we look for it everywhere on the web. And so there’s nothing more disappointing than falling in love with a garment online only to discover it’s not made to suit your body type. Luckily, with just a little search savvy, you can minimize your style #fails by following a fashion blogger who has a similar body type. Here, we’re shouting out our favorite petite fashion bloggers, each with their own amazing sense of style sure to vibe with any fellow shortie’s aesthetic. Short women of the web, rejoice: these ladies are here for endless outfit inspiration that’s just your size.

1. Hello, Framboise!: On this deliciously titled style blog, this blogger shares the highs and lows of dressing her four-foot-eleven-inch frame. Her weekend style is chic and eclectic, and most of the outfits she shares are great for the office.

2. Wendy’s Lookbook: Wendy’s look is always on-trend but totally accessible, making her a standout for many fashion blog readers. Scroll through her outfits and you’ll find one-of-a-kind designer pieces (swoon!) worn right alongside clothes you can easily find at your favorite retailer (score!).

3. Alterations Needed: Petite girls have a lot to learn from this blogger. Like the name suggests, this blogger shares her petite frame tips with the rest of the world through the site, where she reveals jaw-dropping before-and-after shots of altered clothes.

4. Curiouser and Curiouser: This is the perfect blog for petite girls with attitude. Lia, the creator of the site, has a bold, sporty fashion sense that WILL make you want to wear a crop top.

5. Extra Petite: This blog focuses primarily on professional picks for petite girls. Scroll through for amazing office outfit inspiration, plus find reviews on top petite brands and tips for alterations.

6. Lace and Locks: This newlywed’s blog shares her love of all things girly, including some pretty covetable outfits that all go heavy on skirts and strappy pumps. Ladylike? More like ladylove.

7. The Hanh Solo: No connection to Star Wars here! It’s just a girl named Hahn with a killer fashion sense and the desire to show everyone that how chic dressing a petite frame can be.

8. Cute & Little: If you thought dressing a petite body was hard, try dressing a petite, pregnant body. This blog makes it look effortless, with endless maternity ideas for small bodies.

9. Love Fashion Live Life: This blog doesn’t stray too far from a basic feed of outfits, making it an ideal daily read for petite girls looking to switch up their look on the regular.

10. Retro Flame: The down-to-earth fashions of this New York City blogger are the envy of petite girls the world over. Thankfully, readers can purchase many of the items seen on the blog through her pre-owned shop. Now that’s the way to get the look!

Who are your favorite petite bloggers? Do you look to someone online for outfit inspiration? Tell us in the comments below.