Graduating college is a huge achievement and the end of one of the most epic times of your life. But then the big question hits: How do I get a job? Thankfully, real estate listings website, Trulia, has teamed up with biz site LinkedIn to rank the top places for recent grads to settle down after they turn in their cap and gown.

Graduation selfie

The “Graduate Opportunity Index” (that name just fills you with optimism!) combines Trulia’s housing market data with info from LinkedIn to determine relevant factors that grads need to consider such as housing rental affordability and entry-level job availability.

The results may surprise you.


Pittsburgh took the #1 spot as the best place for grads to jump on the road to success. With a whopping 92 percent of its housing being affordable to those new to the adult-ing life and plenty available in terms of entry-level jobs, it’s definitely somewhere you should consider settling if you’re a recent grad (or will be soon).

Kansas City, Minneapolis/St. Paul and Columbus are also affordable options for new grads with a thriving entry-level employment scene. This has resulted in a large population of young professional folks, which means you’ll have plenty of peers to hang with.


If you’re wondering what locales you should avoid, well, Miami may have a lot to offer when it comes to sunshine and beaches, but it also happens to be the worst market for new grads — buh-bye, South Beach! — while fellow sunny California managed to take eight of the remaining top 10 spots on the list. It seems that although there’s a lot of talk about opportunity on the West Coast, it turns out the data shows it might be more chatter than fact.

Wherever you decide to settle, congrats to you and good luck, grad!

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