DIY tote bags are essentially gifts from the gods — they’re chic, functional and loads of fun to make. To celebrate the versatility of our beautiful DIY gold foil tote, we’ve corralled a couple of in-tote must-haves depending on what the day has in store for you. From office-ready essentials to products perfect for traveling, we’ve got you covered.

Gym Tote Essentials


1. Bkr Holiday Bottle ($35): When you’re working up a sweat, you’ve got to stay hydrated. No need to hassle with expensive and wasteful store-bought water — tote your own along (see what we did there?) in this vibrantly hued water bottle.


2. Boom Movement Mint Wrap Headphones ($18): Tunes are a workout necessity, but the last thing you want in your tote bag is a jumbled mess of cords. Keep everything in order with these wrap headphones.


3. Spicer Bags Semara Caryall Clutch ($44): Just thinking about sweaty socks all over your iPhone is gross. Keep your electronics and other valuables tucked away in this chic little clutch that fits perfectly inside any tote.

Travel Tote Essentials


4. Jumping Jack Jack Mom Life Sweatshirt ($34): Airports and airplanes are notorious for their unpredictable climates. Take back control with this pretty pullover. Stash it in your tote when it’s warm and slip it on when it’s chilly. You’ll be comfy in whatever climate you find yourself in.


5. Urbanears Plattan Headphones ($50): When you’ve got some serious travel ahead, you’ll need some headphones that won’t hurt your ears after hours of listening to music and podcasts. These are it, ladiez.


6. Inyo Polka Dot Leggings ($58): On a long flight, you never know when a coffee spill will strike or your jeans will become unbearably uncomfortable. Keep these bright polka-dot beauties rolled up in your bag in case you need a little extra comfort or a clean change of clothes.

Work Tote Essentials


7. Poketo Medium Agenda Planner ($36): Balancing work and life and everything in between means you’ve got to stay organized. Keep this elegant planner in your tote and never miss a meeting.


8. Oh, Hello Friend Don’t Waste Time Clear Watch ($16): This nifty watch is a great backup to have in your office-ready tote. When you’re in a meeting that isn’t iPhone appropriate, throw this guy on and never worry about losing track of time. Plus, you get a healthy dose of motivation to be productive every time you look at it.


9. Bando Stay Focused Pouch ($12): Keep your work essentials tidy with this fun and trippy little pouch. From nice pens to cash for lunch, this slim pouch will keep small essentials organized while reminding you to keep your eye on the prize.

Party Tote Essentials


10. Slantt Kalix Cuff ($80): Keep some backup bling in your tote for an easy transition from work to happy hour. This gilded cuff is small enough to not take up much space, but glam enough to add sparkle to any ensemble.


11. Giant Gem Speaker ($40): If you’re headed to a friend’s place for a couple of drinks before heading out, take your tunes with you and get the party started with this rad gem speaker that fits perfectly in a tote!


12. TrackR Bravo ($30): When you’re on the go, it’s easy to misplace things. Make sure you never lose your essentials (think: keys) with this tracking device by TrackR. With its chic silver design, you won’t be embarrassed to be seen with it, either.

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