For those of us who have been making good use of those extra hours of sunshine and started your workouts, good for you! However, some of us (err…) still haven’t pulled ourselves out of our winter routines. If you need a little inspiration to lace up your shoes and hit the pavement, we introduce Tracksmith, the perfect lovechild of a New England summer and spandex.

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Tracksmith is fittingly based in Boston, the center of prep, and debuted a women’s line this month to accompany their already-popular men’s line. The cuts and styles are simple and slightly Ivy League retro. And the looks are exactly what you imagine a New England couple would wear running through the vineyard together in the ’70s. (The founder, Matt Taylor, is a former Yale cross country runner.)


The entire collection is American made, and they used real runners as models for their lookbook, which is set in a remote, unmarked area near San Francisco. The brand isn’t just for runners though. Anyone from yoga enthusiasts to hardcore CrossFitters will love the technical yet subtle fabrics and designs. Happy hitting the pavement… or doing whatever it is you do to get your workout on.

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