You know how to downward dog, you can move through a vinyasa with ease and you’re striving towards the elusive crow. But sometimes, staying dedicated to your yoga practice is difficult; you’re out of town for a while, friends are over and it’s impossible to find time for class or you’re too tired at the end of a long day to trek to the gym. Don’t feel guilty! Have some of these yoga apps ready, designed to let you work on your asanas no matter where you are, or how many minutes you have to spare.

1. Airplane Yoga ($2): A collection of stretches and routines you can do before and while you travel, minimizing the effects of those cramped, uncomfortable airplane seats on your body.

2. Yoga Asana Dictionary ($1): The student/teacher format of this app allows you to see the proper methods for alignment and control. Bonus: They demonstrate modifications for poses.

3. Pocket Yoga ($3): Customizable sequences flow smoothly from one pose to the next. You can choose classes based on skill level and practice type, and there’s even a library of perfectly illustrated poses for reference.

4. Yoga Studio ($3): Choose from 30 ready-made yoga classes or create your own videos using their pose library. The classes are downloadable, so once they’re on your phone, you can watch them even when your WiFi is spotty.

5. Simply Yoga Free (Free): This free version of the app offers basic workouts that last for 20, 40 or 60 minutes and feature detailed explanations of poses, making it great for beginners.

6. Universal Breathing: Pranayama ($7): Pranayama, or breath yoga, is often overlooked. This app, focused solely on breath, combines mental discipline with physical control.

7. iYoga+ (Free): Choose from eight 30-minute classes that feature morning lessons to get you ready for the day and evening lessons to help you relax and unwind.

8. Office Yoga (Free): A digital deck of 64 “flash cards” offers stretches and poses tailored for those long hours at the office. When you can’t get away from your desk, turn it into a yoga studio!

9. Yoga 101 (Free): Great for beginners, the app includes three classes that help familiarize you with basic poses and sequences. 201 and 301 levels are available when you’re ready to advance.

10. Yoga + Travel (Free): These yoga sequences have options for all skill levels and are specifically designed to target the areas of the body most affected by travel.

Which yoga app do you use when you can’t get to class? Come out of cobra pose and let us know in the comments below!