Tomi Lahren doesn’t shy away from the fire. In fact, you could argue that she definitely courts controversy with her questionable beliefs and no-holds-barred attitude toward standing her ground (no matter how shaky that ground is, apparently). But it was Tomi’s turn to squirm when she appeared on The Daily Show. In an interview that’s now gone viral, host Trevor Noah won’t let Tomi off the hook (nor should he), and the result is, well, you can see for yourself.

If you’re unfamiliar with Tomi Lahren, she’s a 24-year-old American online personality who currently hosts Tomi for TheBlaze (which is basically a Fox News audition over and over again), and through her various Facebook monologues, has earned followers who sympathize with her super conservative (even racist) ways.

However, while appearing on The Daily Show and discussing everything from her support of Donald Trump (*cringe*) to her thoughts on the Black Lives Matter movement (*double cringe*), Tomi certainly wasn’t the one in control. Sitting down and immediately claiming that she was “in the lion’s den,” Noah is ready to take her down, responding quickly with, “Is that an African thing?”

After the show, things didn’t cool off at all, though the two took to social media to see if they could splash a little water on the sitch…

Although Tomi apparently wasn’t willing to totally let it go…

You can check out the FULL interview below (if you dare).

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(h/t Variety)