Even with countless smart apps, in-the-know advice and celebrity-backed brands about what kind of beauty products you should and shouldn’t buy, you don’t listen to anything quite like the real talk that comes straight from your bff. Because you know they’re pinky swear-trustworthy, an endorsement from them can spark new obsessions and altered routines just like that. That’s what it feels like to watch Jessica Assaf and Alexis Krauss in their Kickstarter video for #Truthbeauty, a campaign they created to help make safe skin care and beauty products available to everyone — now we belong to the cult of clean (they had us at “[our products are] free of any and all beauty bullsh*t” — and they mean it).

A Harvard Business School MBA student and front woman of the band Sleigh Bells respectively, and both long-time natural beauty product lovers, the duo is out to change everything you know about what you put on your skin with their curated clean beauty kits. Featuring high-performance products from 10 conscious, women-owned-and-operated brands, the goods don’t make it into the #Truthbeauty Bags if they don’t follow Assad and Krauss’ strict standards, including passing the major bar of being formulated without any of the 1,373 hazardous substances prohibited by the European Union (for comparison, only 11 have been restricted or banned by the Food and Drug Administration stateside). In other words, these girls have sourced some of the safest, most effective beauty products on the planet, and they want to deliver them to your door in a cute, ready-to-use kit. That makeup bag detox you’ve been thinking about has never been easier.

Currently, there are two types of #Truthbeauty bags available on Kickstarter: one of five unisex skin care essentials for $50 and one of five makeup must-haves for $55 — both more than half off the retail price — packaged in a too-cool-to-resist Baggu with handwritten notes and beauty tips from Assad and Krauss (aww). The gang is $10K short of reaching their Kickstarter goal, which would officially launch the from-us-to-you model. Pledges are promised their #Truthbeauty bags in June, just in time to start the summer off with a brand-new clean beauty routine.

What all-natural beauty products are your favorite? Tell us which products are your routine game-changers in the comments below.