While you might have a handful of all-natural cosmetics in your kit — a 5-free nail polish here, a vegan skin tint there — the bar is set pretty high when it comes to sourcing safe and natural products for your complete beauty range. Even if you are among the gifted who can remember if that impossible-to-pronounce ingredient on your makeup label is a paraben or not, and have the time to sleuth each add-in, finding clean replacements for your tubes, tubs or palettes is, to put it lightly, a total chore. That’s until Credo Beauty hit the scene and put all those health-conscious beauty brands in one easy-to-shop place.


Just a few clicks into Credo’s airy site and it’s obvious: its selection of natural beauty products is seriously impressive (move over, Gwyneth). Featuring everything from makeup and hair care to scents and skin care, you’d be hard pressed to leave the site without a makeup-kit must virtually in tow. And Credo’s done its homework to ensure each of the 60+ artisan beauty brands it carries meets its saint-like standard of clean. Credo flat-out refuses to carry brands whose ingredients aren’t ethically sourced, or that include animal byproducts, or whose packaging isn’t 100% biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. In other words, these are as pristine as beauty products get.


Credo’s offerings aren’t just good on paper. When it comes to wear, they’re all high-performance enough to compete with your favorite traditional beauty buys (think: high pigment, long wear, breathable, etc), and Credo will even help you find a fitting alternative — all part of its plan to make natural the new norm. Its Healthy Swaps feature, like a Think Dirty for its own inventory, will tell you exactly what all-natural product would work in place of your normal go-to, including swaps for cult favorites like NARS Orgasm and everyday drugstore buys like Carmex. It might be the easiest way to to detox your makeup kit yet.

Have you made the switch over to all-natural beauty products? Tell us which brands are your faves in the comments below.

(h/t Fashionista)