Happy Tuesday! Here’s our seventh installment of the top products, apps, and tech news of note that's on our radar this week:

Beam Toothbrush

Do you need a smarter toothbrush? Of course you do! Good oral hygiene is an important part of your overall health, and the Beam Brush (and its corresponding apps) make it easier to keep your habits in check. The battery-powered brush sends data to the app, which aggregate the data to track your health and habits over time. The Beam Brush isn’t available just yet, but expect it to be priced around $50.

Mix-Master Gloves

One more winter tech-ccessory to add to the list! Burton’s Mix-Master Gloves ($160) also come in mitten variety. Both function like the warm Burton ski gloves you love, but these are special: each pair includes a small, removable remote control that can control your iPod within a 100-foot radius. One tap on the glove controls the playlist or volume, and since the remote is removable, you can use it anywhere you use your iPod. One detail: currently, the gloves are available in guys’ sizes only.

MyScript Notes Mobile

This iPad app will become a fast favorite if you’re more of a note-taker, but less of a typist. The MyScript Notes Mobile app ($8) lets you write on your iPad’s screen using your finger for fast note-taking or quick thoughts, and then converts your writing to digital text you can share with others — or just yourself. Currently, MyScript recognizes 32 different languages, and saves screens as individual notebooks or just stand-alone pages.


Even if you aren’t yet a parent, you’ve probably seen posts (and posts, and posts…) from friends and family announcing the birth of a new baby. Facebook, Twitter, emails, text messages — with so many ways to keep up with loved ones, there are so many channels to update upon baby’s arrival. BabyNotify was created by a husband-and-wife (now mom-and-dad) team in order to quickly notify a list of their nearest-and-dearest post-delivery. With both iOS and Android apps, a quick tap is all you need to do after pre-programing the app to make your big announcement, cutting down the time you spend on the phone and getting back to what’s really important.

The First Facebook Book

It’s not a book about Facebook, it’s a book on Facebook. Author Alex Epstein is releasing his latest novel as a Facebook photo album. It includes 88 pieces of “micro-fiction,” each its own short story. The author describes the project as “an experiment to see how literature can become more social.” The collection is published on Facebook in Hebrew (and a Hebrew print version is coming soon), but you can check out some translated excerpts here. This project certainly stretches the definition of e-reading — in a good way.

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