This Hack Turns Your Crop Top into a Peplum Tee for Fall
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This Hack Turns Your Crop Top into a Peplum Tee for Fall

When you want a new look, you don’t always have to buy new! Try shopping your own closet by turning your summer crop top into a loose peplum tee to make it fall-appropriate. All you need is a sewing machine and a little bit of extra fabric. As the weather cools down, you can layer up to transition your tee from summer-to-fall fashion. Throw on a cute on-trend jacket and you’re all set!

Materials and Tools:

  • 1 t-shirt, XL or XXL, or fabric
  • 1 t-shirt (your size)
  • fabric scissors
  • sewing needle
  • pins
  • thread
  • sewing machine (not pictured)


1. With fabric scissors, cut the bottom of your XL t-shirt to the desired width.

2. Thread a sewing needle and run a basting stitch through the top edge of your rectangular piece of fabric.

3. Once your basting stitch is in, pull on the thread to ruffle the fabric.

4. Pin the ruffled piece to the bottom of your t-shirt.

5. Sew it in place on a sewing machine. Rip out the basting stitch and cut off any excess fabric.

We cut our extra t-shirt to be about four inches wide.

Make sure that you ruffle your fabric to the same width as the bottom of your regular-sized t-shirt.

Pin away!

A comfy tee is a must-have for every season!

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