Layering season is upon us… or, as some people call it, pumpkin season, or, ya know, fall. If you’d rather snuggle up on the couch with a good warm cup of tea and a can’t-put-it-down book than hit the local shopping scene in search of the newest and trendiest ways to layer up your fall looks, then we’ve got you covered. Here are 30 lazy girl ways to layer all through fall. You don’t even have to leave the cozy comforts of your own home to snag your favorites (all these babies can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door).

1. Free People Aurora Ruana ($198): Whoever said that fall is all about dark hues needs a serious talking to, because this bright cobalt piece is inarguably perfect for fall. C’mon, just look at how awesomely it pairs with those suede boots!

2. Burberry Brit Wool Blend Blanket Wrap ($950): Yes, it’s Burberry, so it’s out of our budget. But sometimes a girl just wants to look, okay? It’s perfect for fall and will even carry you into winter and next fall, and next winter and the next fall and winter after that and… Okay, we’re sure you’ve go the point. This is a classy piece that you can wear time and time again.

3. Kate Spade New York Wool Capelet ($509): We don’t know about you, but Kate Spade and her bold use of color (you know brights are our favorite) makes our hearts go pitter-patter with each and every new collection. This gorgeous fall-to-winter transition capelet actually almost gave us a heart attack. Yep, it’s just that freakin’ gorgeous.

4. Forever 21 Baroque Print Kimono ($25): Forever 21 is definitely on their A-game. This gorgeous print kimono is a prime example of the goodies waiting to be snagged from their online shop.

5. Free People Ryder Ruana ($68): There’s no better season than fall to rock boho. Just think about it… layers, fringe, tribal-inspired patterns. If you like your looks a little la bohéme, then this Free People pick is a perfect addition to your fall wardrobe.

6. ASOS Coat With Cape Sleeves ($143): We’re all about creative ways to spice up traditional looks, so the cape sleeves on this seemingly normal coat had us at “buy me, darling.” It’s true — the coat actually said that to us. Pinky promise.

7. Anthropologie Etsuko Kimono Jacket ($168): If you’re not willing to commit to a pricey buy that you can only wear one season out of the whole year, then this Anthropologie kimono jacket was made for you. The lightweight fabric and colorful detailing makes it wearable all year round!

8. Nasty Gal Check On It Sweater Coat ($88): You know what rhymes with “rad” and makes a fall coat even more fabulous? You guessed it: Plaid.

9. Eileen Fisher Boiled Wool Kimono Coat ($378): Rock the yellow coat this fall and even the brightest autumn leaves will envy you.

10. Forever 21 Wool Blend Cape ($45): Does this wool cape look like an awesomely good place to cuddle or what? If you need us, that’s where we’ll be.

11. Topshop Oversized Striped Wool Blanket Scarf ($52): Is that a full-on blanket draped around her shoulders? Pretty much, and now you have a fashionable excuse to carry a soft blanket around with you wherever you go. Talk about a dream come true when you wanna catch a short catnap at your desk, or, ya know, stay warm on a chilly autumn day.

12. Nasty Gal Capulet Wrapped Up Jacket ($268): If you’re looking for a stylish way to rock color this fall, check out these vibrant shades and that punchy pattern.

13. ASOS Helene Berman Cape ($190): Like to turn heads whenever you step out of the house? Then say hello to this statement-making fall cape. We know the two of you are going to get along just fine.

14. Mango Fringed Waterfall Cape ($120): Can’t you just imagine roaming the local pumpkin patch with your boo while wearing this casual-yet-cool fall waterfall cape? Noooo… we haven’t had daydreams about it. Not at all.

15. Urban Outfitters Escote Asymmetrical Blanket Coat ($229): There’s nothing like a good coat to keep you as snug as a bug in a rug on a crisp fall day. With this coat though — you can also look good while staying warm.

16. Free People Broken Stripe Kimono ($68): Beware: This striped kimono has been known to convince wearers that they are indeed Spanish matadors. Sometimes you gotta take a few risks with fashion… it’s the name of the game, and it’s totally worth it.

17. ASOS Blanket Cape With Fringing ($76): Pair this fringed cape with your best pair of skinnies, and you’ve got an Instagram-worthy #ootd.

18. Topshop Premium Textures Blanket Coat ($280): If you’re the kinda girl that loves a classic look with a little twist, then this blanket coat most certainly deserves a place in your closet.

19. Anthropologie Domino Deco Cape ($498): Wow. Oh. Wow. Anthropologie has done it again. Give us a moment… we’re gonna need at least five minutes to finish swooning.

20. Free People Ikat Kimono ($68): The fall layering trend is officially on lockdown. For real — so many good picks! This totally cool ikat kimono is no exception.

21. Nasty Gal Good Girl Gone Plaid Jacket ($58): Oh, plaid, how do we love thee? Let us count the ways. Legit, we’re currently making a list about what makes this checkered print the fairest in the land.

22. Urban Outfitters Nomad Blanket Open-Front Poncho ($198): Snag this cool cape-inspired poncho for your closet and all your childhood dreams of being a superhero will be just a little bit closer to coming true.

23. ASOS Curve Kimono In Floral Bird Print ($57): What’s stylish and red and blue all over? This stunning floral print kimono, of course!

24. Free People Ashbury Knit Cape ($78): Free People just gave grandma’s knitting a chic upgrade. Does this piece inspire anyone else to pick up crocheting? Oh, just us?

25. Urban Outfitters Recycled Blanket Poncho ($335): A really good plaid print? Check! A recycled fall piece you can feel good about wearing? Check! A great new fall layering piece to amp up your style? Check! Yeah, you could say that this fun recycled blanket poncho is the perfect fall purchase.

26. Nasty Gal Sophie Cape ($118): Helllloooo, high fashion! For real though, don this sophisticated cape this fall and you’ll get more, “Is that couture?” musings than you can count.

27. Free People Tejido Alpaca Short Pullover Poncho ($228): Down-to-earth, yet uniquely stylish, this is a purchase you definitely won’t regret.

28. Anthropologie Clairaut Cape ($138): Can someone please tell us how Anthropologie can even make a simple cape look so gorg? This is the kinda stuff that keeps us awake at night, in a good way.

29. Urban Outfitters Glamorous Printed Tassel Kimono ($79): This boho-chic kimono is yet another fall piece that’s just fab for easy season-to-season wear!

30. ASOS Stripe Blanket Cape ($48): Deep orange and rich brown — never has a color combo been more right for fall. And, if that weren’t reason enough to love this blanket cape, the intricate cut and the fringe came along and really sent us head over heels.

We know you’re currently reaching for your wallet, but before you get lost in shopping euphoria, tell us, which layering piece will you rock this fall? Comment below!