We are beyond excited that cursive is making a comeback in American elementary schools. As we fondly recall our younger years of diligently practicing our signature (and our crush’s), we thought we would challenge ourselves by trying to regain our skills in the art of lettering — whether that means trying our hand at fauxligraphy (AKA calligraphy without all the fancy tools) or even iPad lettering.

No matter if you’re a typography newbie or a seasoned lettering pro, one of our favorite things to do when we’re trying to learn a new skill is to follow a TON of experts on social media for inspiration. So whether you’re looking to make your mark in hand-lettering or prefer using digital tools instead, here are 12 beautiful typography-themed Instagram accounts that’ll inspire you to create.

1. @olgamuzician: This Ukrainian-born, Brooklyn-based designer is a lettering queen you *must* have on your Instagram feed. Although she started off as a painter, she has since transitioned into graphic design and lettering, and we couldn’t be more impressed with her work so far. Heck, she even does murals and chalkboard lettering throughout NYC!

2. @cre8tivesun: If you’re a fan of bold colors, you’ll want to check out this boss lady ASAP. We love that she posts a ton (sometimes multiple times a day!) of eye-catching, Pinterest-approved designs that are sure to inspire you to launch your own lettering side hustle.

3. @alilepere: Calling all Harry Potter fans! Ali LePere’s Instagram account is a great follow for lovers of the wizarding world. As a self-proclaimed Hufflepuff, she regularly makes stunning masterpieces out of wizarding phrases and often experiments with different styles, colors, and textures to keep things interesting.

4. @melowrites: While this hand-lettering enthusiast is known for her gorgeous watercolor wreaths, she also dabbles in new forms from time to time. If you love florals and beautiful hand-drawn typography, she’s definitely one to follow.

5. @featherparklettering: Join calligraphy and watercolor artist Gina from Feather Park Lettering on her inspirational creative journey to lettering bliss. She often plays with different mediums and themes to create her amazing designs.

6. @oraarts: Ora is a freelance graphic designer and lettering artist based in Bangkok, Thailand. She mostly works in black and white, and her inspiring designs often mix different lettering styles to create one cohesive piece. You can visit her Etsy shop for instant download prints of her awesome designs.

7. @nicoleydesigns: In need of a daily dose of cute type? Look no further! Nicole Yates creates digitally illustrated cards, notebooks, and prints, which are all for sale on her Etsy shop. We think her Instagram account is absolutely lit.

8. @atypecal: Graphic designer and lettering lover Monica Rojas may be relatively new to Instagram, but her awesome aesthetic is definitely #creativitygoals. We especially love her take on the 36 Days of Type series — she’s using everyday objects to give each letter and number it’s own ambitious makeover.

9. @lyssletters: With gorgeous lettering and illustrations popping up on her feed all the time, it’s no wonder why lettering queen Alyssa Robinson is majorly popular with the Instagram lettering community. She often participates in lettering challenges, so watch her bio for a sneak peek of what she’s going to be creating next.

10. @nsfwletters: WARNING! This Instagram account definitely includes its fair share of NSFW content. But with a tagline of “Pretty inappropriate words by a lady who letters,” that’s kind of the whole point. It showcases her gorgeous personal style and a seriously colorful aesthetic. We’re definitely here for this fearless lettering rockstar.

11. @marmaladebleue: Foodies, this one’s for you! Designer and lettering artist Danielle Evans has gained international recognition for her use of food typography. With clients including Target, Disney, and Bath & Body Works, she’s obviously a lady boss you need to follow. Just be warned: Evans’ Instagram account is almost guaranteed to make your tummy rumble.

12. @jamesllewis: James Lewis is a freelance lettering artist based in the UK. He often uses craft paper as a canvas to help his designs stand out from the rest. Combining his graphic design skills with his passion for letterforms, there’s almost always something new to envy on his feed.

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(Featured photo via @nicoleydesigns)