Some of us would gladly communicate solely in GIFs and emoji and because of that, Ubersnap is focusing on the mighty GIF and taking it a step further in a wildly cool way.

Ubersnap 1

The new app first allows you to easily create your own GIFs from your prized pics (yes, filters are available) and share them with your friends via normal social media channels, which is cool enough.

Buuuuut, the cool-factor ramps up again when you discover that Ubersnap will then let you print out your GIF, not just in picture form, but as a moving hologram. So neat!

Ubersnap 2

“There’s something special about holding a photo print in your hands and we wanted to capture that experience for GIFs,” Ubersnap founder Boon Chin told mental_floss. “I think it’s especially timely, given that GIFs have become such a popular form of communication.” Um, yeah!

You can download the app for iOS, so get snapping, GIF gals.

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(h/t mental_floss; photos via Ubersnap)